Thursday, July 30, 2009

Start of School Again..

Starting this week my lessons have begun again, actually was last week but I missed one lesson. This time round its thrice a week, zzZ. Well last semester was pretty bad with a flunked subject. Really crappy state, well got to change and buck not if not seriously wasting the money and time. Well its back to online quizes, group and individual assignments along with exams. Well one of my groups consists of 2 Malay guys and 1 is a like sissy, with thin trimmed brows eeew.. should have rejected the idea of joining their group but well dont really know how to reject. Well my other group for another has 2 pretty ladies, making up for the other group lol.. A bonus for going to the class I guess ha. This semester is shorter with lesser lessons and less exams but it means more projects too. Well cant have the best of both worlds. 3rd semester and more than half way to go. Toil on..

Well this week my friends are going to Hong Kong, wanted to join them but being on the status of unemployed and my endless purchases of toys have kept me away from boarding the plane with them. Sad.. Its Ani Con over there at Hong Kong starting on 31st July till 4th August, its basically a combination of the annual Comics Fair or convention and a gaming convention. Think must set goals to visit all these conventions at least once in a lifetime man. San Diego Comics Convention SDCC, Wonderfest and many of those to come. Singapore too has a upcoming event of its own Singapore Toys Convention starting on 13th till 16th of August. Though its a smaller scale with less convention exclusives but at least its something and its just into its 2nd year.

Well some Transformers purchases starting with Henkei's Streak going for lelong

Followed by Henkei's Octane

And finally gotten the big bad ass Unicron!!! Time to hunt down some Minicons
On a side note, like my friend Kenny who wonders too, anyone purchase 2 Unicrons just to make it form a full planet? Ha..
Lastly Fort GT Mirage for my friends and I
Sadly not the E Hobby Exclusive transparent version

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Takashimaya Craziest Toy Sale 2009

Its the annual Takashimaya Craziest Toy Sale again. Last year was a huge disappointment and even I left empty handed. So you can guess how bad the sale was ha. Well this year was better and the sale started a day earlier instead of Thursday. I got there abit late as it was raining heavily and I had a tiring day before so decided to continue sleeping and wake up later. Got there at about 1 and most of my friends already left. Gotten an update of the stuff that was there by them. Well the better stuff of some were gone like Evangelion's Rei and Asuka by Takara in plug suit for $5 a pair, SOC Lightan series for $40 each, SOC Gaiking for $45, Mattel Tumbler for $40 which I got for $80 last time zZZ. Then Transformers movie 1 Screen Battle packs were going for $15 each with First Encounter and Capture of Bumblebee gone. Well the usual scalpers were there to pick up lots of the better items but this year there isnt any Gundams, anime figures, McFarlane and Star Wars, other than a set of tin series SW figures my friend managed to dig out. There were DCUC figures, SIC figures, Power Rangers, Batman Movie Masters figures, Transformers Movie and Animated, Maistro vehicles, Hibiki figures, Zoids, Hulk fists, Indiana Jones figures at $1 each!.When I reached there my friend was already with a full basket of lots of items from Kungfu Panda figures to Disney figures to Evangelion. Well he added more to his stuff with lots of Power Rangers figures. I gotten some stuff too but it was nothing compared to his 2 big bags full.

My Hauls starting with Transformer Screen Battle -- Final Stand pack @ $15
comprising of Long Arm and half a Bumblebee, ah well damaged Bumblebee
Transformer Screen Battle -- Desert Attack pack @ $15 too
wanted to get Scorpionok for quite awhile but missed it last time well managed to get it now
Legacy of Cain -- Soul Reaver, Raizel
A game which I used to play, remember it for its life sucking move..
4D Master's Red King Pirate Ship
Im a lover for ships and this looks great, just that my Mum will probably complain if I assemble and put it in the living room with the other ships I have. Was contemplating to get another version, a glow in the dark battle damaged version but.. Well perhaps next trip..
check out what you get after you assemble it man..nice right?
Some random detailed D&D lookalike figures which I wanted to get just the Werewolf but had to get 3 as its 3 for $7 so well..but the detailing is really good for such a small toy
Dragon Rider
Dark Lord, the last piece as my friend needed 1 more to form 3 pieces
All 4 of them
Well that's about all unless new things come up and Im there ha.. Not too bad this year, though 2 years back was the best. The crowd and queue was crazy for the days to come so those who wana get anything better find a weekday.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Some times I cant help but to wonder do we try to adapt to the environment or do we try to change the environment so we can suit the environment and the circumstances? In life we are often in different situations and perhaps it is at times of hardship can we shape ourselves to a high level of tolerance and endurance to withstand the hardship. It is through such hard times, we slowly mould ourselves into stronger and more resilient and resistant to all the unfavourables that come to us. Not only physically but also mentally. Well the million dollar question is are we capable of such endurance? And are we strong willed to go against all odds?

Shaping the environment to something more comfortable would be another choice but an individual cant change the environment, perhaps possible but its really hard. Lets admit it, its easier to change a person than the whole surrounding. Some argue that even if its hard its got to start off somewhere somehow and someone got to make that little difference and perhaps one day more people will realise it and start to contribute in the act of making a difference to the overall picture. Some things are just hard in reality if not our government wont be spending years trying to encourage "Speak Manadarin" campaign to our young generation as well as having Singa the Lion to encourage courtesy to Singaporeans. So either you are in it or out of it sad to say.

Well an interesting or appalling incident occurred recently when I went swimming. As I swimming at Tampines Safra pool the other day, enjoying the sun and girls in their bikinis, something totally overwhelmed and crushed everything. A guy was wearing this G-string like swimming trunks or rather cloth I would say. It was juz covering his crotch and his butt crack or rather just half his ass man. I was like OMFG! My brain just cant comprehend that, immediately I changed lane as even the hottest girl in the skimpiest bikini cant make up for it.

Well some of my hoots recently, Chopper eating cotton candy! CSC sold for freaking cheap only console was that mine is Jap version? (self deceive -_-)

but it looks really cute!
How to resist the gigantic piece of Star Wars box set Jabba's Rancor with Luke for only $10? Even Luke itself is $10 man. No surprise it was wiped out quickly at that price as Metro was still selling at $129.90 man. Luckily managed to get 2 pieces with help from my friend thx man. Check out the sheer size of it beside a 3.75" Luke man,

3rd DCUC figure, black Superman! Nice piece but more like an impulse buy lol.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Movie Outing -- Ice Age 3

Went down to CSC Sunday, a visit since SAM, well it was pretty much the usual people around and there wasnt much big release recently of any toys. Met my friends there and walked over to Xeno Hobbyworkz stall and had a chat with Vincent starting an interesting topic on ZH, no not you married man is the other ZH. Vincent's 1st statement about him was "Ah recently he dating izit, saw him just now and is well dressed unlike normally." I replied "Even you know?" "Of course, dress till so smart now ha" Well I had not met ZH at CSC yet thus didnt see what he wore but well other than his clothing perhaps it the aura that he emits lol.. The power of love man ha.. But truly our man looks different today upon seeing him, donning a white shirt over a T-shirt inside and a pair of berms along with a white pair of loafers. Hair was nicely done up along with contacts, gone was the slippers, glasses, cap and sling bag. Well as usual his hands was full of items this time round Spawn figures.

Walked around and my friend managed to get a Scrump doll for a really good price, seems like its pretty popular to go catch those dolls and put up for sale. Took a walk around and some small talks here and there and headed to People's Park for a bus to PS. Learnt that there was a shuttle service there. Great found out something new, really convenient after CSC ha. Went to play the basketball game again and made it pass the 150 points but not the 250 boo.. Well next time. Ha.. Think must get the machine at home man lol. Another visit to Toys Outpost and gotten a set of Stitch figures, never fail to leave empty handed with the variety of stuff there man ha. Had a pretty late and heavy breakfast so decided to smuggle 2 burgers in for the show rather than a proper meal haha. Was early this time round ha.

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Well before the show, I was wondering how come dinosaurs appeared after Ice Age which they were apparently extinct before the Ice Age but turns out that they belonged to a different realm underground. The show is really funny, the story is basically about how the group of friends or creatures nearly went separate ways but got back together after Sid gotten some T-rex eggs and tries to be a parent but ends up getting taken by the T-Rex mom, Momma. The characters are mostly the same as before of Sid, Diego, Ellie and Manny. So the group gathers trying to rescue him meeting a 1 eyed weasel, Buck who leads up to find Sid. Something funny is a female companion squirrel called Scratte, has been added for Scrat, who is still chasing for his acorn. The 2 squirrels then fall in love and there was a part where the acorn was left alone and a music scene of how the acorn heartbroken. Really think the story and everything was really well written. Had a good laugh and some of the scenes was pretty sweet.

Well headed for Rochor beancurd after the show but decided to go and try play Left 4 Dead at X Games. Ha the game was pretty fun, its a First Person Shooter (FPS) game and you can choose to play versus mode or campaign mode. Versus mode will be human against zombies. Campaign mode is roughly the same just that the zombies are Artificial Intelligence. Basically you shoot hordes of zombies and some special ones which have added abilities. Probably will write an entry on it ha. Well was quite fun shooting zombies and helping your team mates again ha. Fun right? Can go play again! Well went on for beancurd and there was not too many people at the stall, though had to wait a queue for awhile to get the food and seats, shows how much money this simple business can bring in ha. Alas beancurd with soya bean and fried 'you tiao' yum.. Good day minus that there was no fireworks this time round ha. Perhaps shall catch on National Day man. Gotten some gifts too ha. An interesting item to a clay digging kind of item for a Dinosaur nest. Ha need to take time to do it soon. Along with a cute mini Popo doll. Ha thanks alot for the items man ha. Hope you liked what you gotten too lol..

The dino digging set

The Popo, he actually keeps his arms behind his back if you notice ha

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hospital Visit

Accompanied my grandma to the Tan Tock Seng Hospital for a check up the other day. I didnt particularly like going to the hospital as most of the time a visit there would most probably be either something bad happened to yourself or someone close to you. Well it was just a regular check up for a scan and blood test for my grandma. Due to H1N1, scans was needed the moment you entered the hospital. After being cleared we headed to the room for the blood test and it was only then I realised how much does it cost a simple procedure like this, it costs about $ 270 for it and I was like kinda shocked at the amount. Next headed another room for a scan, after the blood test which cost another $100.

A little incident happened over the hospital visit, I realised the next appointment my grandma had was next Tue and another on next Thurs which was a followup on the blood test taken. Thinking that its pretty stupid to come for 2 visits over a span of 3 days, I went to try to arrange both appointments on the same day. Room 1 was where the Tue appointment was and Room 2 was for the Thurs appointment, so I headed to Room 1 to ask if Tue could be arranged to Thurs instead and was served by a Malay lady who told me she would try but in the end told me there was no slots available on next Thurs. So I headed to Room 2 to check if the Thurs appointment could be rescheduled to Tue and she told me it was not possible and I suggested trying the next following Thurs instead if there were slots and I would go check with Room 1 if the same day was available so both appointments can be arranged into 1 day as during this modern era 2 different Rooms or maybe sections are still unable to check other room's schedules to make necessary arrangements, manual labour of physically being there to make arrangements is still needed. So went back to Room 1 and this time round I purposely waited for another staff to serve me rather than the Malay lady, this time round a Chinese lady. I tried to ask again her if a change was possible for Tue to Thurs and surprisingly she in a pretty short moment checked and told me it was possible and did the change for me. Was it the incapability of the Malay staff earlier or is it the Chinese lady was more capable?

To think about it, hospital bills and fees are really sky high and you'll probably die from the bills and fees rather than the sickness itself. People say "You are better off dead than falling sick in Singapore. Think must really save up if not if I fall sick 1 day probably I'll die with my toys man..
Accompanied my grandma back then headed off to town. When I was at the MRT station, saw one of my classmates from my JC, it was like since 6 years ago since I last saw her. Went chatted for a while before I headed to Orchard's Zara to get a jacket which was in my mind since I last saw it. Something interesting i saw when I reached Orchard MRT, there was this PRC who was pushing a trolley into the train! A trolley man, with a big nylon bag on top of it and trying to get on the train. Wondered why didnt the MRT staff stop him. When I got to Zara, the jacket was no longer at the usual rack and I though its gone but end up in on another rack so just grabbed it. A good deal I guess, nice jacket at more than 70% off.

The brown leather jacket
Headed to meet a good friend, Mr Josh, for dinner whom I had not met for a long time since he was stationed in Bangalore for 3 months lol. Met at Raffles MRT and headed to our usual Drive 6 and we met another friend, LSF! at Pasir Ris MRT lol, ended up being a 3 man dinner appointment. Well chit chat over a late dinner and LSF left and was joined by Joshua's gf Winnie. Well was also quite some time ago since I last saw her. Talked for awhile more before heading back home. And gotten a gift from them when they went Hong Kong, a FF Advent Children Cloud poster! Thanks man..

The poster
Well some of my recent purchases, limited Figma Gantz #26 -- sexy Reika!

Didnt open it up but this is how it is like
A San Guo BB Gundam horse

Friday, July 17, 2009

Toys Carnival @ SAM Part 2

The pics taken at SAM, finally gotten from my friend..Although not many..

Well 1st pic of the 501st Garrison Troopers
Star Wars 3.75" of a collector on display there
Star Wars 3.75"diorama of inside a pub

Well this display was the first thing you see on the 2nd floor of SAM lol..
Someone's 12" collection at the entrance..
Biker Scout on his vehicle

customised battle damaged Mark 3
Mr Transporter..
Star Wars 12"
Obi, Qui Gon and Ventress

The Turbo Tank
Han Solo frozen in carbonite

Jedi Council members, Kate Fisto, Ploon Koon, Ayla Secura
501st Garrison 1:1 helemets. Any1 wana get 1? lol along with the guns
Other kind of helmets, Ironman and Oprmus Prime etc