Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chinese New Year

Recently didnt update blog for a long time, yet again, thus collected all the toy pics together. Quite troublesome to upload and slowly arrange and group them up. Well an update on the recent Marvel stuff mainly Marvel Select and some Marvel Fury line.

Marvel Universe -- Ironman and Goliath
gotten the yellow version and missed the other red version, local retailers did not bring in this piece yet again due to what ever reasons, think big figures are always more popular as compared to those small ones
Captain America vs Skrull Giant Man
Captain America looks not bad as chromed version and I think this piece the Skrull looks pretty decent, no variants for this piece though
Now to Marvel Select starting with Spiderman
Seriously I think this piece looks pretty bad, Spiderman looks ugly and the smashed up car looks like some green goo shit so don't get this piece if you hada choice get the older version. It looks much more decent and nicer than thisDaredevil (masked)
Daredevil I find it too skinny, plus he cant grab around the cross although it looks good.
His stick is also part of the figure as a piece which means you cant detach from this hand, wth right? zZZ
the short-packed unmasked variantfrom the back of the box we can see Abomination coming up, which is a big, heavy and value for money figure ha..
First Appearance Sabertooth
This piece is actually an exclusive piece and I think it looks really good, especially the face
This is the normal version of Sabertooth, which don't look so bad but some how when placed beside the 1st appearance it kinda fades in comparison
Unmasked Wolverine
this is in the old Brown coloured costume
Bigbadtoys Exclusive Masked Wolverine
think this looks pretty much the same as the one above in the brown costume just that its wearing a mask but it comes with a nice Samarai bust thingy. Well think really enough of Wolverines from Marvel Select, other characters please.. Marvel Girl unmasked version seriously I think this piece really looks ugly, not only the costume don't really look that nice the face sculpt is really horrible the only redemption part is the gate diorama that comes with it, get 2 of it and u can form a full gate
Masked version
3rd Captain Marvel variant Kree version
well at least this piece is not so bad, repainting the whole thing rather that just the head I think the colour looks not bad ha

Firstly Happy Chinese New Year! When I was young, I used to look forward to CNY, not only for the red packets, but also the fun and the goodies. I still recall that when I was young, there was a chance that my birthday would fall on on CNY and I would get a double ang pao ha.. But as I get older now you do not have the same kind of expectations anymore. People will start asking about what you are doing, are you seeing someone, are you planning to get married soon and all. Minus all these, however I get to meet some people that I haven seen for a long time which we probably only meet once a year which is during CNY.

1 thing my family have yearly is steamboat for reunion dinner. There would be my family and 4 of my relatives so it'll be a dinner for 10! There would be lots of food, mean from pork to chicken to fish to prawns and to roast pork and duck, then vegetables, mushroom, abalone, fish maw, different kinds of fishballs n meatballs and many more. Forgotten to take pictures of it. Must remember to do so the next time round ha. This year had one more steamboat when my sister's friends came along and they brought a dish which my family seldom buy which I love -- beef! Ha i had lots of it.. And its one of the rare occassions which I love the soup.

Previously, during CNY I would have so many places to go but nowadays things are different. Or perhaps its me who have lost the feeling of going visiting. Perhaps don't really feel like answering the standard questions which people will usually ask when they haven't seen you for a long time. Well I grew really close to my neighbour over this period of time, a man in his late forties with 5 beautiful daughters and a son,yeah 4 daughters. We drink together pretty often and many times talking about things that I do not even tell my own parents. I do not know if its due to the beer or he is an easy going person or what reason but we can get along well. I know most of his relatives and his friends and at times some ask how come a young man is hanging with an old man. Ha well I think he isn't really that old and he looks much younger than his age. I always feel that for men, its easier to talk over a drink. There are no boundaries and barriers just like smoking ha..

Was supposed to meet someone for my birthday that day but due to some reason the person cant make it so ended up with no plans. Then went down to grandma's place with my mum and had 'yu sheng' with my relavtives. Came back during late noon and joined my neighbour to one of their friend's place. It was a 3 or 4 storeys high semi-detached which they got the Lion and Dragon Dance troupe to come perform. There was 4 Lions and 1 Dragon and when I was young I really loved the noise and excitment about it. Something interesting was that the hosts actually opened I think at least $100 worth of $1 coins mixed with those gold coin chocolates and while the lion was lying down peeling the oranges, it would throw or 'spit' out randomly the coins and there would be a scramble for the $1 coins. Ha.. It was a rare occassion that you would be hit be money lol.. I managed to get a few $1 without moving about much ha but some of the kids collected quite a lot ha.. End of it all, it was time for some gambling! Ha so get your money down and may Lady Luck be with us all..