Saturday, May 30, 2009

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

An exciting love life with ups and downs or a stable relationship?
Someone told me a believer of true love will have a relationship is like a sine curve, with lots of highs and lows while a non believer of it would be a rather stable relationship like a straight road. I believe only with the most bitter and sad moments will one learn to appreciate and feel the sweetest of happiest moments, which is what love should be all about. A mundane and boring relationship, with no burst of feelings here and there is not what love is all about I guess.

As everyone is geared up in anticipation for Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, premiering on 26th of June, the merchandise or toys rather was launched island wide today 30th of May, oh well Toys r Us Forum had a midnight launch for it which I did not go.

Got up early for my toy hunt after learning of a commotion at the launch at Forum yesterday night. Reported dutifully at my favourite toy retailer OG Bugis at bout 1130h, was expecting lots of people to be there but despite being late from its opening hours at 1100h. Perhaps the rain or other unknown reason, I was the 3rd customer there for the purchase. From a live field update at Metro Sengkang, there was a rush and hussle the moment doors opened, perhaps not really rush but the rather limited stock of the more popular figures were wiped off the shelves quickly. The scene however was different there, not many people buying and no rush or crowd at all. Well something didnt change was the most popular figures were still sought after. Well at first my only intention was only Sideswipe but well added another Fallen

Sideswipe, is Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept in the movie. I find it the nicest car as well as robot other than Autobots leader Optimus Prime, thus gotten 2 pieces of it.

The actual car

The toy

Next highly sought after piece is Fallen itself. For those who do not know history of Fallen. It is actually 1 of the 13 robots created by Primus who later followed Unicron.

The Toy
Voyager packaging

Closer look at it

the back of the box

check the stats of Fallen even has infinity stats lol..

This piece, Fallen seems to be highly in demand and out of stock everywhere. Only bought these few pieces. perhaps for now I guess but wont be getting so much like 1st movie if not they will do better repaints and sell them at dirt cheap prices. The 3rd piece quite sought after is Sideways, yeah weird name but didnt wana get it for now. Gotten a Star Wars Concept Anakin Skywalker too.

Well after I made my purchases, I was standing at the Transformers section waiting for my friend. It was noon time and there were more people coming to look at the toys. At the start, most were just looking at it but one lady was listening to my conversation with another guy on how highly in demand Fallen is and joined in to asked what is good or rare. Such consumers or customers arent really the 'true collector' but those who purchase as it is the trend or becuase everyone is getting it. Regardless, more people especially the 'aunties' start to join in to ask what is popular and starting grabbing some. Well Fallen was the topic starter and everyone scrabbled around looking for one and this couple put back the last piece on the shelves and when they overheard what we mentioned, went to pick it again only to find it in someone else's possesion. I then overheard the wife mentioning "See la, now no more. Dont want also just hold on to it la now people take liao!" I cant help but to chuckle at what she said. Well for 10 minutes I became a free part time sales and consultant for OG entertaining Aunties queries and questions.

Are parents obligated to raise their children and are children obligated to take care of parents when they are old.

Stay Home Friday

To go with your heart or go with your brain?

Many times we are entangled between the choice of going with your heart of the brain. A logical person perhaps goes with what his mind tells him, as it is definitely the more rational thing to do. A emotional person perhaps will go with the heart, as his feeling is telling him that he should do it depsite it may not be the right thing to do. Perhaps alot of matters we can go with the mind and brain making a right and logical choice, but one matter for sure cant be explained or chosen by the mind or logic, that is Love. Perhaps the most wonderful and at the same time most mystical feeling of all, the most bitter and at the same time the sweetest feeling of all.. Your mind tells you not to find her as she says "You are not the one!" but your heart tells you to go for it as you feel that she is the one. It would be ideal like romance stories and movies for a fairy tale ending if you touched her at the end but reality bites as you see her embrace another's arms. Despite the repeated advices from your friends and family to leave her and get over with, your heart overrules the brain and tells you there might be a chance for a change, a change for the better.. But many times the happy ending of "happily ever after" never comes.. In place is the cold, harsh and endless wait of the ending never to come.. However bleak the light looks, you still reach out in hope the one day you will reach the end of the darkness where light and warmth will once again embrace you..

Today is Stay Home Day as my whole family was out most of the day and I stayed home armed with my favourite Ruffles BBQ flavour and a can of Coke as I went on my own movie marathon. A very nice old show i watched was Kate and Leopold, its a romance story from 2001 starring "Wolverine" Hugh Jackman as Leopold and Meg Ryan as Kate on how Leopold came to future from the past and fall in love with Kate. Hugh Jackman is really charming in the show even without his beard and sideburns ha. Such a show invoked feelings within one as I remember in the show Meg Ryan said "maybe that whole love thing is just a grown-up version of Santa Claus, just a myth we've been fed since childhood. So we keep buying magazines, joining clubs, and doing therapy and watching movies with hit pop songs played over love montages all in a pathetic attempt to explain why our love Santa keeps getting caught in the chimney" *sighs.. Another part was the opening phrase of the opera show "Que ton visage est doux entouré? Par la lumiére de la lune." which meant "How sweet your face looks gently encircled by the soft moonlight". Do catch it if you have never done so before, as even my good friend Alvin rates it as one of he favourite or rather his favourite romance show, as he watched it more than the number of times i have watched Star Wars Episode 1-6 combined.

Forgot to talk about the few Final Fantasy figures the other day. These are from Final Fantasy Master Creatures Series 1, picked up these 3 as the others 2 Cefca Palazzo and Magnus Sisters really cant make it.

First is the most famous and powerful summon Bahamut from FF. Different versions with different names but more or less look the same like a dragon or rather is a dragon.

Next is Ifrit, fire-based summon throughout most FF would have him as a early summon but less powerful.

Lastly is Leviathan, water-based summon famous in FF as well as the water god, normally causing a tsunami when it comes.

Also sharing 2 cute Final Fantasy plushies which I have gotten recently, Cactuar and Tornberry.

Cactuar normally found in an isolated island very hard to hit and always running away quickly. Do not let its cute appearance deceive you as before running away, it'll attack you with his famous move"1000 needles", literally 1000 needles hitting you for 1000 damage, well not that bad considering his 'boss" King Cactuar has a '10,000 needles' move lol..

Tornberry, armed with a lamp and knife appears in most FF with a fatal stab of death with its cleaver. Like its counterpart, he also has a 'boss' which is bigger than him with a crown on his head showing his royalty as Tornberry King.

An exciting love life with ups and downs or a stable relationship?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Toy Hunt and "ba chang" Day

Is the stars that glow softly less beautiful than fireworks that lightup the night sky?
When a relationship progresses with time, I belive the passion is no longer as strong as before and it has less passion but more stability as it moves into enjoying one another's companionship at simple places like catching DVDs at comfort of your home and home cooked meals. It no longers revolves around weekly visits to the cinemas and restaurants and giving the excitment and heart tingling feeling of the first time you held one another's hands or shared your first kiss. The love has evolved into more care, concern and warmth. But does this means it no the stars that glow softly less beautiful than fireworks that lightup the night sky? Like my good friend mentioned before, stability and routine may be the death of love. Sighs..

Well a night of mahjong and soccer watching without sleep has not kept me away from a date with my friends for a toy hunt session. A cold shower in the morning plus 2 of my favourite "ba chang" rejuvanted me in the quest into the heart of Singapore, Orchard, once filled with fruit bearing trees now gave way to malls and buildings. Well "ba chang" is Chinese hanyu pingyin for "Meat Dumpling" which basically comprises of meat (of course), mushroom, some other incredients and rice. It marks the day on 5th of May ofthe lunar calendar, as Duan Wu Jie, simply Dumpling Festival or Dragonboat Festival. It is suppose to commemorate Qu Yuan, a patriotic minister and poet from Chu Kingdom during Warring States, who cant bear to see the fall of his kingdom that he jumped into the river to commit suicide. The people then made rice dumplings and threw into the river in hope that fishes will eat them instead of his body and rowed boats hoping to find his body and hitting drums to scare fishes and spirits away, bringing about the Dragonboat race. Despite disagreeing with his blind patriotism like Yue Fei, if not for him I would not have a chance to taste this delicious dumpling i have in my mouth now.

Well i headed to Takashimaya, as they held were having the Takashimaya Toy Universe 2009. A disappointment this year, as the only things they had were Barbie, Bakugan, remote control cars, plushies, Gundam and Transformers. The fair was held at the atrium and from the looks of it, they are holding in conjunction for the Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen and the Great Singapore Sale. A section with 2 preview toys from TF2 Bumble Bee and Soundwave and more of the toys for TF2 to come which will only be officially launched on 30th May. All stuff were going for 20% + 10% for Taka card holders. I picked up 3 Transformers Voyager class toys, Blades, Tread Bolt and Dropshot. Quite a good buy at $24.90 with additional 10% making it $22.40 each.

Tread Bolt



Share another incident which I had at last year's Taka fair, which I was there with my friends early waiting for the stuff to be loaded out. A old Uncle in his forties which we called him Old Man, short, plump with lotsa white hair somehow managed to sneak into the storage area, without the staff knowledge and helped himself to quite a few rare Star Wars 3.75" figures which were very nice and limited in quantity. They were the last wave of the Saga Legend series and consist of Black Stormtrooper, Commander Neyo, Covert Ops Clone Troopers and Utapau Shadow Trooper which came with black or gold coins and Taka for some reason was the only local retail to bring this last and best wave in. His action pissed those who were waiting there for the items. If beaten in the queue nothing to bitch or complain about but backdoor simply turns me. Part 2 of the story when he came with his basket of items and snatched the figures when the staff was loading the figures. It turned into a pretty chaotic situation as before the staff could load the figures up onto the racks, the Old Man went ahead to open up the cartons and helped himself to the figures starting a frenzy game of "Faster hands First" with everyone fighting for the figures and leaving the poor staff rooted motionless shocked by what happened. One of my polite and gentle friend, had a figure in his hand but the Old Man snatched it away from him, leaving him with nothing but disappointment. Should it be me in his place, I would exchanged a treat of my fist in exhange of the figure unlike my courteous friend. This was not the first time, he was always at sales and choosing what he wants and throwing those he do not want aside like junk without proper care. Such disgusting and selfish action.

Wrapped up the day with another purchase of a beautiful Marvel Select Dr Doom. A rare piece with a very nice and beautiful backdrop of a throne.

Marvel Select Dr Doom

check out the throne..

Here are some pictures of the Barbie collection and a Barbie car which was up for a draw for guessing the number of Barbies in the car. Wonder if any guy would drive this car? Well back to savouring my "ba chang" alone, without the one who once always shared this favourite delicacy with me..

The Barbie Car..Can u guess the number of Barbie dolls it has?

some of the dolls
50th anniversary Barbie

Elvis & Priscilla Barbie

To go with your heart or go with your brain?

A long tiring day

Marry the person u love or love the person u marry?
As I progress pass the mid twenties mark, friends around me start to settle down. A couple of the ladies ,are are 29 and hitting 30. I cant help but to wonder they person they settle down with is the one they truly love or izit simply the is the last pit stop before 30 as that is the guy they meet before 30. Maybe despite the fact the person isnt the one u love or love the most, one should learn to love the person u marry.

It has been a long n tiring day trying to pack and arrange my toys which seem to pile up higher and higher. As I pack and stack them up into hills n mountains, Im amazed by how i managed to stack up items of different shapes n sizes from the floor up to the ceiling. Time for Jenga n Uno Stacko lol..Although the fear of the items toppling down like the Berlin Wall resides within. After managing to pack the stuff I went off to for a game of mahjong through the night with my friends. pics of my messy room.

During the game, we overlooked the time and fail to catch the first half of the Champions League finals of Barcelona vs Man U. Upon switching on of the TV, the score showed 1-0 to Barca scored by Eto. Outstanding play by Barca as they had alot of attack chances. End of the day an additional goal by Messi sealed the game and crowned Barca as Champions League champions, fulfilling Henry's quest for a CL medal which he failed to achieve at Arsenal. Perhaps justifying his move to Barca.

Here's a pic of my Final Fantasy Master Creatures Series 1 by Square Enix. wanted to take more pics more battery went flat. Will post more of 1 of my favourite game Final Fantasy and its toys and merchandise.

Is the stars that glow softly less beautiful than fireworks that lightup the night sky?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The virgin post

Decided to start writing a blog for my own thoughts and views rather than bottling up within myself. Many times many of us have a penny for a thought but the thought and feeling may slip through if we dont remember or write it down. Hopefully I write out my thoughts and feelings as they go through my disorientated mind. It has been a messy and bad half year and hope it changes for the better. A dream created has been taken away from me. After a long struggle I finally climbed myself out of the rumbles of the dark and bottomless pit, I find myself falling back inside again as the Light dims and disappear from my path again. I scramble around hoping to find my way out in hope that the Light will shine upon me again.

Will talk about something else, a little incident which occurred today when I went for breakfast which took place at my friendly neighbourhood library. After scurrying through the shelves and picked out some books to have a good read, I found a cosy sofa seat and starting reading. It was raining then and the comfort and the reading has taken a toll on my eyes as my eye lids start to close. Just before I was about to wander off into dreamland, a loud ringtone called me back to reality awaking me as the ringtone went off in the dead silent library. Eyes moved along with mine to the source of the noise and a lady probably in her late forties picked up the phone, seated a few steps away. Instead of making a quick conversation, she started chatting to her friend, oblivious to the stares around her. Perhaps she did not speak very loud but being in a quiet place her chatting in Hokkien has become irritating and disturbing. I tried to ignore but I was unable concentrate in reading my book. Im pretty much sure I was the only irritated one as many turned to stare at her giving the disgruntled look but none even the person beside her did anything. My impatience grew along with her continuation of her conversation making me blurt out a pretty loud "Hello?!?" in her direction, attracting a few stares. Her head tilted slightly but continue her conversation happily. I felt that it is enough and something must be done as I stood up walked over and told her in the language our dear government has been strongly promoting since my Primary school days, Chinese "Hello, the library is for reading, if you wana talk on the phone would you mine going outside to talk?" The action definitely raised a few brows but on what feelings I do not know. Perhaps I do not bother as I think that was the appropriate action rather than keeping the discomfort within one and not speaking out or doing the right thing. What must be done should be done I feel, rather than what most Singaporeans do, just mind your own business. All this took place with my dear sister beside me hiding her face behind the papers, feeling embarrassed. Well at least she stopped talking on the phone, but alas end of one marks the beginning of another as another lady, again, picked up her ringing mobile and started talking. Enough of such bullshit disturbing the tranquil of the morning library, I took my books and left, unfazed by such actions.

Should we speak up uopn things not right or should we just keep quiet and close a eye upon such incidents like most Singaporeans do? Well change of mood upon reaching home, the parcel of my 2 awaited Stormtrooper VCDs await me. Unpacking the parcel I finally found a partner for my lonely Shadow Stormtrooper VCD.

Ideal vs reality
To marry the person you love? Or love the person u marry?