Wednesday, March 31, 2010


How many times have you wished for a different life..
How many moments have you let pass you by..
I think I have lost count..
I'm nervous about growing up and never taking hold of the things i want out of life..
Nervous about losing touch with who I really am..
And if life is a journey I think I am lost..
Lost the curiosity of a child..
Lost the zest and enthusiasm for things..
Lost the outburst of energy..
Forgotten how to love and be loved..
Where can I find my lost soul find its home..
When can I retrieve what I have lost..

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Life and Death

Gotten some designer toys recently

SquadT Gohst S2 Halloween Skel suit
The outer box
I really like red and white combi, the colour is pretty striking plus it comes with a chromed machete and axe! Really cool man..
Touma's Vinyl Fang Wolf: Glow Bone

another Mini Iron Child MIC
House of Liu Baby Shaolin Monk
Recently I went to 2 wakes plus a visit to my friend who had just given birth. 1 represented Death while the other represented Life. The 1st wake I went to was my neighbour's mum. I must say he is really strong, as throughout the whole thing, he embraced himself and took the whole thing pretty calmly. He is definitely very close to his mum and really fillial as well as giving utmost concern and care for her when she was around. So much so I didnt think it was easy to embrace the whole thing, more over he had to console others and ask them to be strong. Mentally I think you must be really strong, in which I really salute him. I saw another person, the deceased's granddaughter, she teared really badly as she was really very close to her. I always see her coming over to talk to the grandma, talking and chatting with her. She teared very badly, but guess there wasnt much I could do but words of consolation but the loss of someone dear to u takes more than just words. There was not much I could do but to look helplessly. She once said her grandma was the only person she was willing to take a bullet for, making me wonder who would I take a bullet for today. Looking at her reminded me that I am really close or perhaps was really close to my grandma. Should really visit her more often and more time with her while she is still around now.
Went to visit one of my friend who just had her first baby. Think she looked really happy as a mother. The joy of having your own child is something I guess words cant really explain. I used to think that having a child today one must really think twice. Cost of bringing up the kid aside, the amount of pressure the child has to bear to when they are borned due the the competition with others plus the standard of living then. Also you may have to worry about whether the child will be borned complete and healthy without any disabilities or stuff. Well on the brighter side, a child if with the right person, is the love product of two soul mates.
Went to two different occasions, 1 filled with sadness, another filled with happiness. Life is such I suppose. One moment of happiness another moment of sadness. The death made me wondered if at my own death or funeral, who would turn up. A scene which I recalled from FF8 which Squall wondered too. Such event should make us treasure things and people who are still around us now. Well as the happy occasion, I dont think such event will occur to myself, or anytime near future, such happines I guess will only be shared through friends. Now guess I will wait, for the happiness to come or the Death shall come before, for only Death is equal to all, just a matter of when it comes..

Monday, March 22, 2010

Primary school gathering

Some Kotobukiya figures
Clone Trooper

Red striped Clone Trooper Officer Blue striped Clone Trooper Officer

Boba Fett

Met up with my primary school classmates after a long time. Its been awhile or rather years since we have met. Didn't know how come I decided to organise a gathering but after saying wanting to organise I must get it done it not it'll look like a perfunctory action which I really hate. Well even though said that, its really hard to get a group of less than 10 people together. People who don't reply at all to sms and you gotta call them. People who have other better priorities and commitments. People who have last minute appointments or other stuff. So end the day you can hardly get the people together, but well despite that still managed to get like 5 people including myself. It was pretty nice to have a meetup after such a long time although had to wait for everyone who were late.

We then had lunch at Din Tai Fung, where we then had a chat about lots of things. I didnt think I really had a good memory but it was then that I realised i recalled alot of things that happened in the past during our primary school days and even some of the meetups we had years ago, which many or most of them do not recall at all. After lunch one had to make a move while the rest of us went over to this place in Changi called Lava Edge. It was pretty nice place to have a drink and talk. I must say the service is really good, probably due to it was also that there was not many people around then? But really outstanding service, thumbs up. The staff changed the ash trays, filled our glasses for us and even replaced the drink mats a couple of times. Will be there again.

Among those that came, there was a doctor-to-be, an air stewardess, a IT specialist, a full time gambler part time insurance agent, oops just insurance agent and me who is currently unemployed feeling so lost in my life. Well one of my friend is really excited or rather addicted to the casino, describing to to us vividly her escapades to the casino. Notice the plural term lol. Something interesting is that she mentions that she gambles pretty small but we keep thinking otherwise, and the more she argues she plays small, the more unconvinced we are and the more we disturb her. Moral of the story, the more you argue the more unconvinced people are and the more people disturb you. On a side note, I always think it would be pretty cool if if ever fill the slot on forms under occupation as "Gambler" lol..

Some of the things said by my friends that day really left me to ponder about my life. I think I know that my achievements should be far more that what I am today. Think I really look back too much in my life rather than looking forward. Think I have lost so much that I do not know what to look forward to. I must really get it going.. So much dreams to realize but I'm letting so much pull me down that I can move on. Must really let go of my past burdens. Hopefully the next time we meet, things will be different.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


This post is for my dear friend, who sounded pretty upset the other day. Being stubborn I think is really subjective. If you are insistent on your point or stand over a certain issue, against all others and refuting all other opinions that comes along, you are labelled stubborn. However, it is no longer termed as stubbornness but termed persistence, if at the end of the day your efforts paid off when you deliver the end results. Results matter most, and it has been delivered. Enough said. Subtly put, stubbornness converts to persistence with results else it is just plain stubbornness. However if results aren't delivered in the end, it is just plain stubbornness as you cant make a claim of persisting till the end. In the end your claims are just viewed as stubbornness. You will then have to face peoples' unpleasant yankings of "Yeah, see I told you not to be so stubborn" and all the other crap that comes along. So most importantly its again the reality of life where the end results is important.

Along the way when you are insistent in your point and stand, it is not easy to go against all odds and against all others. I for one is also plain stubborn in my beliefs and my ways of doing things. I want something I will get it my way. I refuse to bow down to certain rules and restrictions. The more you restrict me the more I will go against you. I believe I live my own life and control my own destiny. I need not answer to anyone in my actions or my thoughts or maybe at the minimum my parents. Else, fuck this shit about how people think about you or their opinions. You live your own life and you control your own fate and destiny. Why limit yourself due to some shallow views and opinions, as you answer to only yourself. Give no damn to all other shit. Believe in yourself strongly and bash your way through.

When you do things against the normal flow, it is unavoidable that you are not only termed stubborn but silly or crazy or insane. Look at the salmon which swims up stream just to get a better nesting ground, it takes much more effort and strength to go against the slow. So most importantly trust your own feeling and belief and stay strong and fight for it with no regrets and end of the day deliver the results to make those who disagree to STFU..

Bowen Red Hulk
gotten this Red Hulk statue by Bowen then and I think it looked really good, though not a very dynamic pose, I loved the bulging muscles and with the veins along with the colour red, it makes him a fearsome character..though i'll have to think of who to match with him
A brief intro of Red Hulk or known as Rulk, it a gamma radiating Red coloured Hulk which is different from the normal Green Hulk. It has the strength of Green Hulk along with the brains. He was was created by writer Jeph Loeb and artist Ed McGuiness
statue uncovered, looks a little dark in this pic

Red Hulk unleashed
from the rightfrom the left

backview of the hulk

Upclose of Red Hulk, check out the veins! as well as his pearly whites lol
the base which the non sandy part is to place the gun
the Red Hulk actually uses gun. yeah so this is the gun to be placed on the base
Well let Hulk or rather Rulk smash through the walls of rules to allow us emabrk on a silly and stubborn path.. Hope you are feeling better ha..

Friday, March 19, 2010


Met a friend for dinner the other day and a long time. Went around shopping for a while to Kinokuniya to shop for a birthday card and could not find at Kino so went up to this book store 2 levels above which in there, amanged to find an interesting birthday card. But what was more interesting was that they sold this mini wax stamp at the shop. Like those in the olden movies which they will use it to seal letters. Wanted to get 1 but think it was too small and only had a letter on it,so passed it but think will hunt for a customed 1 ha. Really think its pretty cool, reminds me of those chinese calligraphy stamp as well.

Went to have dinner at NYDC after not going for a long time. After the whole thing, was kinda disappointed in the standard of the food now. Still recall when I was in JC, their oven baked was only $9.90, it used to be a round plate and I love to order the Three Amigos. Well that visit that day to NYDC at Wheelock, I find that the taste of the food is no longer as good, price have increased over the years till today's $13.90 and not all baked rice is the same price now. And the round plate size has changed into the same as Pizza Hut's size of oven baked rice. The whole place decorations have changed and the menu is different now as well. At least the mud pies is still not too bad ha.

Got this as a gift from Japan from my friend, its like those soda sweets in the trading boxes but she thought it was many tiny sweets in 1 box but well its 1 per box lol. So only 3 sweets inside ha.. So much for all the packaging and all..

Gotten these as a X'mas gift for my friend but its long overdue, pass Xmas and CNY

Bought a Shen Long keychain from Doll Inz at $10. zZZ think its pretty expensive to think about it now.. not that fantastic as well lol..

Well wanted to catch Alive in Wonderland but the timing was not really good plus my friend didn't wana watch in 3D so well next time then.. For better food and a movie..

Got this at Toys R Us for at $10. Lelong item again with 2 3.75" figures plus a motorbike. Really good price..

Marvel Comics pack wave 1
Spiderman & Thunderball
Captain America & Klaw
Wolverine & Human Torch
Think these will go on lelong soon from the abundance of these overflowing on the shelves, though I find the Wolverine & Human Torch pack not too bad. Well seems like this would be the end of this line locally as most based on past experience, poor sales will lead to stoppage of the newer waves.