Wednesday, August 26, 2009

STCC 09 (iii) -- hoots

My hoots from STCC 09, ranging from sketches to autographs to comics to freebies to purchases..

Starting with the pass to go in before others lol..
Autographs and sketches
Starting with Winson Ma's!! Really love the ape and his artwork. Wasted should have asked him sketched a few more lol..*greedy
Winson Ma's site
Sonny Liew's robot sketch..
his blog here Ledbetter
http://www.joeledbetter.comGary Baseman Kitai from Devilrobots with To-Fu sketch! added 1 more for me on this board haha..
Brian Bolland and Tan Eng Huat's compiled book of sketches for the event at 500 prints each

Got this comic juz to get Brian Bolland to sign lol

Tan Eng Huat's printed sketch. Should have paid for his sketch, he was doing a head for $30, half body for $50 and $200 for full if didnt remember wrongly
This Thor was the first to be sold out.. He drew a small Punisher head at the bottom left..
Event guide for STCC 09 at $4 each
Comes with stickersAnd either this mini poster of Joker, which was in greater demandOr TokidokiFree fan given by StarHub Animax
Free comics from GnB
Freebies from the STCC event guide. The queue is pretty long for the items actually but you cant actually wait for the whole queue to be over you will still get the item ha.

Starting with Star Wars Titanium series Arc-170

Mothman VS Flatwoods from Sun-Min & DavidAction City's Breadou card holderBandai's Legendz Soul Dolls got 4 of it lol. STRANGEco's Wish Come True. I gotten the one which I didnt want the most zZZ..but its blind box and only managed to get 1 so no choice..Only missed out 1 of the giveaways lol which is the Dooodolls Keyholders which i though looked really cute but was only up for redemption once and I forgot when was too busy..
Oh and didnt get the early event guide giveaway if Kidrobot Mini Keychains

Dokuronoko tikam which my Dennis gotten double and gave to me
Hot Toys Ironman Mark 1
Winson's Artdol Faceoff, ha can change faces like those opera like actors..
Didnt managed to get the big one so supported by buying the small figures..Only gotten 1 but kind of regret, looks really nice being so shiny. They only had 6 designs. Its not blind box by the way, there's a mini pic of the design on the box.
2.5" Qee Metallic DIY Series keychain influenced by Darren
The items, gotten same one as Darren for the tikamMedicom RAH Stormtrooper
Revoltech Gloomy Bear

SDCC Exclusive Wolverine Mighty Muggs, it has retractable claws! not so exclusive afterall lol
Another SDCC Exclusive, Transformers Soundwave with 4 tapes!!

Lastly the most expensive Silly Thing Gun Metal Ironman! The box looks really good and unique from all the other IronmanThats about all for STCC 09. Think overall its pretty good especially for designer stuff but not a cheap buys and good lelong event for those who are looking for that. Being an event for just 2nd year showed much improvement from last year from queues to crowd and quality of the items sold as well as the vendors. Basically great toys, comics, anime and fun and not forgetting the pretty girls! Haha.. Hope to see more artists and more exclusive stuff next year as well as more games booth like Sony or even Blizzard booth!