Thursday, September 10, 2009

Projects, projects and project

Been quite busy for quite a while.. Even without working I seem quite tied up with I dunno what stuff.. End up always do my projects till last minute. And I really mean last minute, when submission is due at 1200h, i submitted the last part of the project at 1159h. Really need to do something about it and avoid such last minute rush and producing sub standard work. Have 2 project assignments each for 2 subjects, 1 group another individual. Took a law subject which was really dry and boring, what made it worse was that my group mates were 2 unfriendly Malays which didnt reply to emails or sms which i sent asking for help for my part on the question. End up our marks for the project turned out to be the lowest in class, so much lower than the average marks in class. Sucks to the core. Act as a reminder to really choose my group mates carefully and learn to reject if I dont feel comfortable with them. Then again its hard to tell from meeting once or twice to see someone but at least you know or rather I know some people are just better off doing other activities rather than group projects. Some people that I have worked with are really friendly and nice to get along with. Hopefully individual project will make up for the group project's gap in the marks. Must really remind myself of better time management. Well having projects means no exams for it which in a way should be better.

At times I really dislike the way things are taught or information is passed on. Many of the people arent really studying for the knowledge itself but for the certificate or rather the exams or the project itself. They go in class in hope to learn as well as tutors to teach them on how to tackle the exams and projects specifically rather than the knowledge on the subject as well as understanding and applying it. My good friend says that not everyone has the luxury of time like me now having just to study for it, but many work and study as such they want to just get the certificate. To a certain extend I feel its true, then again perhaps I do not cohere to such a system.

Well gotten this Darth Maul bust by Gentle Giant awhile back. Been wanting to get one but didnt and decided to get it during Simply Toys sales back then but when I decided to get it, it went out of stock. Another typical example of things which I really want to get but contemplate too long and regret for missing the opportunity. Well was then hunting for it and finally found someone letting go at a forum at a pretty reasonable price and contacted the guy to get it. Ended up with a story of the guy was advertising for his friend and was helping his friend to sell for a commission and upon agreeing with the price the whole things dragged for a long time, months in fact with many different reasons. I was pretty much fine with it but it was getting kind of long and hardly getting any replies. Then I spotted a really good deal for it on Ebay, bidded immediately and gotten it the following week. Cheaper and faster and it even had a small edition number of 011! During this period I still asked if the previous deal fella was willing to negotiate the price a little or anything but no reply till when my Ebay deal was closing. Well too bad for him and good for me.

Darth Maul under his cloak..

11 outta 10000! not bad lol..

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