Sunday, March 6, 2011

One Piece Time Skip Figures -- Ban Dai Figuarts Zero

I have always thought that Ban Dai's Figuarts Zero is a line which the sculpt and the price of the figures is not really that attractive ever since it started with Luffy and all. So far of those released I only thought that Boa Hancock and Blackbeard were not too bad and the rest was not that good and I would even term it bad but their Admirals was pretty well made and with the Time Skip figures coloured prototype released, 1 step ahead of Ban Presto line, I must admit Im really impressed.

Starting in order of how they met.. Luffy looking pretty good
Zoro which I find not that nice and the worse among all 9
Nami with overspilling boobs in a micro bikini, which I feel face can be improved
Usopp looking good with his abs and all..
Sanji looks quite good as well
Chopper looks not bad too ha, notice the no photos sign beside it? lol
Robin looks nice as well although I dont really like this design
Franky looks good! Although I prefer his older looks with the hair and "SUPER!" pose
Lastly the Rock Superstar Brook! Pretty good with a  stand to make him do that pose! Nice!
Hopefully the final products will look as good and they can improve on Zoro. Although they look pretty good but I think Im going to stick to Ban Presto line as I dont think I want to start another line of collection as I think if so I might hunt back earlier releases.. Well unless Ban Presato screws up in 1 way or another which I highly doubt so..

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