Thursday, October 1, 2009

Children's Day

Another round of Dragonball frenzy, this time round starting with Popo's prototype Shenlong. Wanted to get this for a long time but didn't get it. It was pretty expensive back then plus such a big item, the shipping would have killed but recently it went on sale along with free shipping. Oblivious to such a offer, I missed the chance and nearly banged myself on the wall but luckily one of my friend gotten it and he wasn't too keen on it. So bingo I took over from him! Thanks once again.. In case those who do not know, this piece is a replica of what Popo created as a model for Shen to create the actual Shenlong. Its broken as Shenlong was actually killed initially thus, broken, but was fixed back up and resurrected back.

Here is the box, its really huge..
Popo carrying the prototype
the item itself..the dragon is supposed to be glow in the dark but I didn't try..
some people find it ugly..may be they don't know the story of it, but think it looks not too bad..
it has a light up base, nothing fanciful about it as its not that bright actually..

Real Works evil Buu, 1 of the nicest Buu around I think. Quite rare to see it around anymore so got it when I saw it for someone as well.
the keychain series. gotten the other both the spaceship ones. at this rate probably will complete it as well lol..
suddenly it just came across me that this baby Wu Kong in a capsule seems weird as I don't remember this scene at all.. may be time to take out my Dragonball comics to read again..
well was really keen on this piece but it don't really look like Vegeta up close sadly..
Next is the new HQ DX Kai Vol 1
Wu Kong or Goku with Picolo
kind of irritated by just adding a Kai word behind its another series. cant they just keep it to one series, HQ DX Vol? zZZ
HQ DX Kai Vol 2 Picolo
yeah it looks like Series 1 just with cape added on, but it looks hella better and bigger.. can you feel the aura that he's emitting?? lol..didn't get Wu Fan as I think it looked quite ugly..
HQ DX Vol 4
Gotenks with Super Saiya Goku

really love the Super Saiya Goku and his pose, also have the smaller gashapon trading figure, this piece is also much loved by my friend Dennis but sadly only got 1 piece..
HQ DX Creatures Vol 2 Polunga
this is actually Shenlong of Picolo's countryHQ DX Creatures Vol 5
Shenlong of planet Earth, looks quite fierce this piece, quite nice..
this vol comes with a repaint of Picolo which looks better than Vol 2's

It has been years since I last heard of Children's Day, or perhaps its been long since I celebrated it. As a child, there isn't much worries and all a child has to do is to study. Well no worries? I don't really think so, I think children today have to meet parents expectations of excellent academic results to get into a good school from young and along with the loads of extra curriculum activities apart from the daily tuition for the school subjects. Only thing is that when you are young, most blindly follow the paths parents laid for them then do not need to think too much about other things. Generally the path won't be too deviated from a general path of primary school to secondary school then college or poly and up to university and finally to the work force. Money wasn't really a concern as most of the needs are attended to by parents. Well not too bad being a child, enjoying privileges and all. Children of today no longer play Transformers like children of our time do, things are different. Not many of us could afford a Optimus Prime back then but seems like its quite easy for a child to get one or even a few. Making the desire of owning a toy different. Its like when we buy back a vintage toy or a reissued toy, we try to get back the feeling of owning somethings which we never had the chance to when we young. Gone were the days also of our parents making their own simple toys or playing games with basic toys like marbles, yoyo and spinning tops. Tops have become Beyblade and yoyo has become a fanciful and more expensive version comepared to the old ones. Not to mention that the main toy for most kids nowadays is gaming consoles.

I always think that the process of life should be reverted, from growing old till adulthood then to childhood and to simply a sperm lol. In this way one will experience death first and then birth, thus one won't fear the Grim Reaper coming for ya with its scythe.. You will also revert the working process, from retirement to working and then to studying and having fun. Well for now I'll go open my toy and fiddle it like a little kid ha..

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