Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Picked up Shunya Yamashita's Fine Art Bust series from Play-Asia after they went on discount at pretty good prices. Didnt have the intention of collecting all of them but at this rate high chances Im getting all of them, as I have almost all the pieces after adding Rachelle and Naomi to my existing Niniane, Noel, Kairin and Shion. They look really good all together. Kairin is the purple coloured hair girl with the tattoo at the back which is the most popular piece and Shion is the very first piece which some people do not know.
Shunya busts at AFA08

Shion which was nt in the picture

I actually bought this piece the moment it was released. Then after some time I decided to let go of the item and not collect this line. Well ended up picked up Niniane and went back to get back this piece again.

Well starting with Rachelle, check out the artwork on the box the bust itself shot taken with flash Naomi gotta love the artwork by him the bust itself

sadly it has a small scratch on the figure, got to find someone to touch up

Overall the figures are great, sculpt by Shunya cant really go wrong and they are actually assasins, pretty cool I would say, beautiful killers. Not a bad way to die lol. The colours are great as they are resin and not PVC so the colours look better as compared to PVCs. So lacking Mirei, Shii and Angela to complete it.
Haven't updated my blog for a long time. Due to my computer was down then I was having my exams and well kind of having a down period. Could not really study for my exams and having my mind filled with all sorts of other things. Things weren't really going well in many aspects and it was pretty frustrating. I always felt that things have a domino's effect, one good thing will lead to another, vice versa, one bad event leads to another. Well as humans, we tend to take good things for granted and won't really fully appreciate the goodness of it but when it comes to something bad that happens, we bitch and feel letdown about it. I'm no saint either, thus the grumbling. Think it is really important to have someone or source that you can grumble or let out to, if not its terrible to keep it all inside yourself. I think its not easy to find a good listener who would be willing to offer that listening ear. Some times people just want someone to speak to rather than getting advice, which probably come in at a later stage. Well for guys it's easier over some beer and chips. Ladies, shouldn't be a problem I guess as compared to guys.. Well bottoms up for the night, as I go get my can of beer with my favourite BBQ flavoured Ruffles..

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