Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Comfort to laziness

Its been awhile since I bought any 3.75 Star Wars figures. Local retailers have not brought in any new waves for quite some time, although they have been released overseas for quite some time. This is one thing about Hasbro in Singapore, they do simply do not bring in some stuff due to certain reasons like earlier waves did not sell well and stuff rather than reviewing the problem, they choose to not bring in later waves, oh well great marketing. How is a collector able to complete his collection then.. Well after missing the new 1st 09 wave, which has a nice hologram Darth Sidious and the Queen Amidala in travelling gown, I picked up some of the other pieces of The Legacy Collection.

another piece of Concept Art work of IG-88

Commander Cody

I find this a pretty nice piece, its different from the older version of The Saga Collection, plus it comes with the hologram Emperor which in the movie Cody takes the order for the execution of Order 66. Plo Koon, with dual light sabers. This piece is a different piece from the Saga Legends piece with different arms and legs pieces. Concept Ki-Adi-Mundi

Another piece of concept art piece this time round with Ki-Adi-Mundi, which I think the concept version is not bad, with a white light saber and a eye patch! dun look much different from the normal Ki-Adi-Mundi if without the eye patch ha..

Padme Amidala

this piece is from the Evo pack of Princess Amidala. think the head sculpt is nt bad for a 3.75" figure. comes with a plastic hood but a cloth white top
Clone Commander Deviss

Never appeared in the show but he looks cool as a trooper with the visor, grappling rope and a big gun, therefore will get off shelves pretty fast..

Malakili, the Rancor keeper
I bought the Rancor and Luke box set some time back for less than the cost of this figure itself plus it comes with a huge Rancor. Thus i got this Malakili to pair with the
Princess Leia in slave suit,
this is the costume she was in after captured by Jabba and she was chained.
comes with an additional torso for the classic chained pose. This was the most sought after figure in this wave
Classic cute Ewoks from Endor
These are Nho’Apakk and Paploo
Attack on Genosis battlepack!
this is a battlepack which almost every collector wants and not just 1 but at least 2 as you have to get 2 to get 2 turrets for each gunship and it comes with 2 clone pilots for each battlepack. Juz nice 2 drivers n 2 troopers to in the turrets. Managed to get 2! Yeah now lacking the new Republic Gunship with fully closed doors!
Gotten some Lego minifigs, started with this STCC chromed Vader after 1 of my friend asked me to bid on it saying its cheap and bet I wont get it at that kind of price, else he 'chop'. Won the item with just 1 bid and yes my friend didnt 'chop' and I ended with a Vader minifig
My fav charac Darth Maul minifig with his dual weilding light saber
3 different stormtroopers, the normal white stormtrooper, the shadow stormtrooper and lastly chromed stormtrooper which is 2009 SDCC exclusive
I think humans are actually very adaptive creatures, able to adapt and change to suit the enviroment, though at time I think we should try to change the enviroment. Well that aside, I think when we are in a strange or new enviroment, we tend to change to try hard to survive to get ourselves more comfortable in the new enviroment and adapting ourselves to it. Like our forefathers when they came over to a strange new land, they toiled and sweat to bring about lots of changes and made a living out of things. However, today we have began to take things for granted. Things we have were not fought by us, but by generations above us, thus we do not treasure things as much and we did not go through the hardship but enjoying fruits of labour of our forefathers. As such we are in a comfort zone where things are easy as compared to the past. When we get easy with things and get too familiar and too comfortable, we fall into a zone we draw out, a comfort zone. In the zone, we become complacent and do not have a strong fighting spirit and energy to fight for things we want and to break out of the zone. We simply take things as they are. I think at such times, we need a wake up call, a serious and mega event and hopefully we realise how much we have lost out as compared to those who do not set themselves in their comfort zones. Hopefully we are all able to get out of our couches, embrace and evaluate ourselves to change and fight for the better. To seek to improve and to be more efficient and to be more adaptive to the changing enviroment. To break out of our own comfort zone..

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