Monday, November 30, 2009

AFA 09 (ii)

Didnt buy much stuff at AFA this time round. Already have most of what I want but well..
Hoots from AFA09
Starting with 1/5 Project Dynamite original colour Ikkitousen Kanu
was thinking whether to get it or not, its in a really kinky and suggestive pose but I think the face sculpt is really good and at the right price, its going home with me! ha.. wrapped up as not to scratch the box too..
Macross game prize SD robots
One Piece Styling figures
The Brooks and Carue with Chopper is pretty good

Disney Label Mickey Convoy Halloween version
its a Japan 7-11 exclusive version
My missing piece of Final Fantasy Master Creatures 2 -- Mateus
got it for a good price too

Lastly the Final Fantasy Weapon set 1
this is actually an online exclusive set but it was on sale at AFA, managed to get it for a good price after some bargaining which the owner refused at first ha.. Finally gotten it after a long time..

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