Thursday, May 28, 2009

A long tiring day

Marry the person u love or love the person u marry?
As I progress pass the mid twenties mark, friends around me start to settle down. A couple of the ladies ,are are 29 and hitting 30. I cant help but to wonder they person they settle down with is the one they truly love or izit simply the is the last pit stop before 30 as that is the guy they meet before 30. Maybe despite the fact the person isnt the one u love or love the most, one should learn to love the person u marry.

It has been a long n tiring day trying to pack and arrange my toys which seem to pile up higher and higher. As I pack and stack them up into hills n mountains, Im amazed by how i managed to stack up items of different shapes n sizes from the floor up to the ceiling. Time for Jenga n Uno Stacko lol..Although the fear of the items toppling down like the Berlin Wall resides within. After managing to pack the stuff I went off to for a game of mahjong through the night with my friends. pics of my messy room.

During the game, we overlooked the time and fail to catch the first half of the Champions League finals of Barcelona vs Man U. Upon switching on of the TV, the score showed 1-0 to Barca scored by Eto. Outstanding play by Barca as they had alot of attack chances. End of the day an additional goal by Messi sealed the game and crowned Barca as Champions League champions, fulfilling Henry's quest for a CL medal which he failed to achieve at Arsenal. Perhaps justifying his move to Barca.

Here's a pic of my Final Fantasy Master Creatures Series 1 by Square Enix. wanted to take more pics more battery went flat. Will post more of 1 of my favourite game Final Fantasy and its toys and merchandise.

Is the stars that glow softly less beautiful than fireworks that lightup the night sky?

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