Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stay Home Friday

To go with your heart or go with your brain?

Many times we are entangled between the choice of going with your heart of the brain. A logical person perhaps goes with what his mind tells him, as it is definitely the more rational thing to do. A emotional person perhaps will go with the heart, as his feeling is telling him that he should do it depsite it may not be the right thing to do. Perhaps alot of matters we can go with the mind and brain making a right and logical choice, but one matter for sure cant be explained or chosen by the mind or logic, that is Love. Perhaps the most wonderful and at the same time most mystical feeling of all, the most bitter and at the same time the sweetest feeling of all.. Your mind tells you not to find her as she says "You are not the one!" but your heart tells you to go for it as you feel that she is the one. It would be ideal like romance stories and movies for a fairy tale ending if you touched her at the end but reality bites as you see her embrace another's arms. Despite the repeated advices from your friends and family to leave her and get over with, your heart overrules the brain and tells you there might be a chance for a change, a change for the better.. But many times the happy ending of "happily ever after" never comes.. In place is the cold, harsh and endless wait of the ending never to come.. However bleak the light looks, you still reach out in hope the one day you will reach the end of the darkness where light and warmth will once again embrace you..

Today is Stay Home Day as my whole family was out most of the day and I stayed home armed with my favourite Ruffles BBQ flavour and a can of Coke as I went on my own movie marathon. A very nice old show i watched was Kate and Leopold, its a romance story from 2001 starring "Wolverine" Hugh Jackman as Leopold and Meg Ryan as Kate on how Leopold came to future from the past and fall in love with Kate. Hugh Jackman is really charming in the show even without his beard and sideburns ha. Such a show invoked feelings within one as I remember in the show Meg Ryan said "maybe that whole love thing is just a grown-up version of Santa Claus, just a myth we've been fed since childhood. So we keep buying magazines, joining clubs, and doing therapy and watching movies with hit pop songs played over love montages all in a pathetic attempt to explain why our love Santa keeps getting caught in the chimney" *sighs.. Another part was the opening phrase of the opera show "Que ton visage est doux entouré? Par la lumiére de la lune." which meant "How sweet your face looks gently encircled by the soft moonlight". Do catch it if you have never done so before, as even my good friend Alvin rates it as one of he favourite or rather his favourite romance show, as he watched it more than the number of times i have watched Star Wars Episode 1-6 combined.

Forgot to talk about the few Final Fantasy figures the other day. These are from Final Fantasy Master Creatures Series 1, picked up these 3 as the others 2 Cefca Palazzo and Magnus Sisters really cant make it.

First is the most famous and powerful summon Bahamut from FF. Different versions with different names but more or less look the same like a dragon or rather is a dragon.

Next is Ifrit, fire-based summon throughout most FF would have him as a early summon but less powerful.

Lastly is Leviathan, water-based summon famous in FF as well as the water god, normally causing a tsunami when it comes.

Also sharing 2 cute Final Fantasy plushies which I have gotten recently, Cactuar and Tornberry.

Cactuar normally found in an isolated island very hard to hit and always running away quickly. Do not let its cute appearance deceive you as before running away, it'll attack you with his famous move"1000 needles", literally 1000 needles hitting you for 1000 damage, well not that bad considering his 'boss" King Cactuar has a '10,000 needles' move lol..

Tornberry, armed with a lamp and knife appears in most FF with a fatal stab of death with its cleaver. Like its counterpart, he also has a 'boss' which is bigger than him with a crown on his head showing his royalty as Tornberry King.

An exciting love life with ups and downs or a stable relationship?

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