Saturday, May 30, 2009

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

An exciting love life with ups and downs or a stable relationship?
Someone told me a believer of true love will have a relationship is like a sine curve, with lots of highs and lows while a non believer of it would be a rather stable relationship like a straight road. I believe only with the most bitter and sad moments will one learn to appreciate and feel the sweetest of happiest moments, which is what love should be all about. A mundane and boring relationship, with no burst of feelings here and there is not what love is all about I guess.

As everyone is geared up in anticipation for Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, premiering on 26th of June, the merchandise or toys rather was launched island wide today 30th of May, oh well Toys r Us Forum had a midnight launch for it which I did not go.

Got up early for my toy hunt after learning of a commotion at the launch at Forum yesterday night. Reported dutifully at my favourite toy retailer OG Bugis at bout 1130h, was expecting lots of people to be there but despite being late from its opening hours at 1100h. Perhaps the rain or other unknown reason, I was the 3rd customer there for the purchase. From a live field update at Metro Sengkang, there was a rush and hussle the moment doors opened, perhaps not really rush but the rather limited stock of the more popular figures were wiped off the shelves quickly. The scene however was different there, not many people buying and no rush or crowd at all. Well something didnt change was the most popular figures were still sought after. Well at first my only intention was only Sideswipe but well added another Fallen

Sideswipe, is Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept in the movie. I find it the nicest car as well as robot other than Autobots leader Optimus Prime, thus gotten 2 pieces of it.

The actual car

The toy

Next highly sought after piece is Fallen itself. For those who do not know history of Fallen. It is actually 1 of the 13 robots created by Primus who later followed Unicron.

The Toy
Voyager packaging

Closer look at it

the back of the box

check the stats of Fallen even has infinity stats lol..

This piece, Fallen seems to be highly in demand and out of stock everywhere. Only bought these few pieces. perhaps for now I guess but wont be getting so much like 1st movie if not they will do better repaints and sell them at dirt cheap prices. The 3rd piece quite sought after is Sideways, yeah weird name but didnt wana get it for now. Gotten a Star Wars Concept Anakin Skywalker too.

Well after I made my purchases, I was standing at the Transformers section waiting for my friend. It was noon time and there were more people coming to look at the toys. At the start, most were just looking at it but one lady was listening to my conversation with another guy on how highly in demand Fallen is and joined in to asked what is good or rare. Such consumers or customers arent really the 'true collector' but those who purchase as it is the trend or becuase everyone is getting it. Regardless, more people especially the 'aunties' start to join in to ask what is popular and starting grabbing some. Well Fallen was the topic starter and everyone scrabbled around looking for one and this couple put back the last piece on the shelves and when they overheard what we mentioned, went to pick it again only to find it in someone else's possesion. I then overheard the wife mentioning "See la, now no more. Dont want also just hold on to it la now people take liao!" I cant help but to chuckle at what she said. Well for 10 minutes I became a free part time sales and consultant for OG entertaining Aunties queries and questions.

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