Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The virgin post

Decided to start writing a blog for my own thoughts and views rather than bottling up within myself. Many times many of us have a penny for a thought but the thought and feeling may slip through if we dont remember or write it down. Hopefully I write out my thoughts and feelings as they go through my disorientated mind. It has been a messy and bad half year and hope it changes for the better. A dream created has been taken away from me. After a long struggle I finally climbed myself out of the rumbles of the dark and bottomless pit, I find myself falling back inside again as the Light dims and disappear from my path again. I scramble around hoping to find my way out in hope that the Light will shine upon me again.

Will talk about something else, a little incident which occurred today when I went for breakfast which took place at my friendly neighbourhood library. After scurrying through the shelves and picked out some books to have a good read, I found a cosy sofa seat and starting reading. It was raining then and the comfort and the reading has taken a toll on my eyes as my eye lids start to close. Just before I was about to wander off into dreamland, a loud ringtone called me back to reality awaking me as the ringtone went off in the dead silent library. Eyes moved along with mine to the source of the noise and a lady probably in her late forties picked up the phone, seated a few steps away. Instead of making a quick conversation, she started chatting to her friend, oblivious to the stares around her. Perhaps she did not speak very loud but being in a quiet place her chatting in Hokkien has become irritating and disturbing. I tried to ignore but I was unable concentrate in reading my book. Im pretty much sure I was the only irritated one as many turned to stare at her giving the disgruntled look but none even the person beside her did anything. My impatience grew along with her continuation of her conversation making me blurt out a pretty loud "Hello?!?" in her direction, attracting a few stares. Her head tilted slightly but continue her conversation happily. I felt that it is enough and something must be done as I stood up walked over and told her in the language our dear government has been strongly promoting since my Primary school days, Chinese "Hello, the library is for reading, if you wana talk on the phone would you mine going outside to talk?" The action definitely raised a few brows but on what feelings I do not know. Perhaps I do not bother as I think that was the appropriate action rather than keeping the discomfort within one and not speaking out or doing the right thing. What must be done should be done I feel, rather than what most Singaporeans do, just mind your own business. All this took place with my dear sister beside me hiding her face behind the papers, feeling embarrassed. Well at least she stopped talking on the phone, but alas end of one marks the beginning of another as another lady, again, picked up her ringing mobile and started talking. Enough of such bullshit disturbing the tranquil of the morning library, I took my books and left, unfazed by such actions.

Should we speak up uopn things not right or should we just keep quiet and close a eye upon such incidents like most Singaporeans do? Well change of mood upon reaching home, the parcel of my 2 awaited Stormtrooper VCDs await me. Unpacking the parcel I finally found a partner for my lonely Shadow Stormtrooper VCD.

Ideal vs reality
To marry the person you love? Or love the person u marry?

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  1. good one man, support you on social activism!! and btw do both, marry the person you love and love the person you marry, never go wrong this way ha