Friday, March 19, 2010


Met a friend for dinner the other day and a long time. Went around shopping for a while to Kinokuniya to shop for a birthday card and could not find at Kino so went up to this book store 2 levels above which in there, amanged to find an interesting birthday card. But what was more interesting was that they sold this mini wax stamp at the shop. Like those in the olden movies which they will use it to seal letters. Wanted to get 1 but think it was too small and only had a letter on it,so passed it but think will hunt for a customed 1 ha. Really think its pretty cool, reminds me of those chinese calligraphy stamp as well.

Went to have dinner at NYDC after not going for a long time. After the whole thing, was kinda disappointed in the standard of the food now. Still recall when I was in JC, their oven baked was only $9.90, it used to be a round plate and I love to order the Three Amigos. Well that visit that day to NYDC at Wheelock, I find that the taste of the food is no longer as good, price have increased over the years till today's $13.90 and not all baked rice is the same price now. And the round plate size has changed into the same as Pizza Hut's size of oven baked rice. The whole place decorations have changed and the menu is different now as well. At least the mud pies is still not too bad ha.

Got this as a gift from Japan from my friend, its like those soda sweets in the trading boxes but she thought it was many tiny sweets in 1 box but well its 1 per box lol. So only 3 sweets inside ha.. So much for all the packaging and all..

Gotten these as a X'mas gift for my friend but its long overdue, pass Xmas and CNY

Bought a Shen Long keychain from Doll Inz at $10. zZZ think its pretty expensive to think about it now.. not that fantastic as well lol..

Well wanted to catch Alive in Wonderland but the timing was not really good plus my friend didn't wana watch in 3D so well next time then.. For better food and a movie..

Got this at Toys R Us for at $10. Lelong item again with 2 3.75" figures plus a motorbike. Really good price..

Marvel Comics pack wave 1
Spiderman & Thunderball
Captain America & Klaw
Wolverine & Human Torch
Think these will go on lelong soon from the abundance of these overflowing on the shelves, though I find the Wolverine & Human Torch pack not too bad. Well seems like this would be the end of this line locally as most based on past experience, poor sales will lead to stoppage of the newer waves.

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