Monday, March 22, 2010

Primary school gathering

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Clone Trooper

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Boba Fett

Met up with my primary school classmates after a long time. Its been awhile or rather years since we have met. Didn't know how come I decided to organise a gathering but after saying wanting to organise I must get it done it not it'll look like a perfunctory action which I really hate. Well even though said that, its really hard to get a group of less than 10 people together. People who don't reply at all to sms and you gotta call them. People who have other better priorities and commitments. People who have last minute appointments or other stuff. So end the day you can hardly get the people together, but well despite that still managed to get like 5 people including myself. It was pretty nice to have a meetup after such a long time although had to wait for everyone who were late.

We then had lunch at Din Tai Fung, where we then had a chat about lots of things. I didnt think I really had a good memory but it was then that I realised i recalled alot of things that happened in the past during our primary school days and even some of the meetups we had years ago, which many or most of them do not recall at all. After lunch one had to make a move while the rest of us went over to this place in Changi called Lava Edge. It was pretty nice place to have a drink and talk. I must say the service is really good, probably due to it was also that there was not many people around then? But really outstanding service, thumbs up. The staff changed the ash trays, filled our glasses for us and even replaced the drink mats a couple of times. Will be there again.

Among those that came, there was a doctor-to-be, an air stewardess, a IT specialist, a full time gambler part time insurance agent, oops just insurance agent and me who is currently unemployed feeling so lost in my life. Well one of my friend is really excited or rather addicted to the casino, describing to to us vividly her escapades to the casino. Notice the plural term lol. Something interesting is that she mentions that she gambles pretty small but we keep thinking otherwise, and the more she argues she plays small, the more unconvinced we are and the more we disturb her. Moral of the story, the more you argue the more unconvinced people are and the more people disturb you. On a side note, I always think it would be pretty cool if if ever fill the slot on forms under occupation as "Gambler" lol..

Some of the things said by my friends that day really left me to ponder about my life. I think I know that my achievements should be far more that what I am today. Think I really look back too much in my life rather than looking forward. Think I have lost so much that I do not know what to look forward to. I must really get it going.. So much dreams to realize but I'm letting so much pull me down that I can move on. Must really let go of my past burdens. Hopefully the next time we meet, things will be different.

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