Sunday, March 28, 2010

Life and Death

Gotten some designer toys recently

SquadT Gohst S2 Halloween Skel suit
The outer box
I really like red and white combi, the colour is pretty striking plus it comes with a chromed machete and axe! Really cool man..
Touma's Vinyl Fang Wolf: Glow Bone

another Mini Iron Child MIC
House of Liu Baby Shaolin Monk
Recently I went to 2 wakes plus a visit to my friend who had just given birth. 1 represented Death while the other represented Life. The 1st wake I went to was my neighbour's mum. I must say he is really strong, as throughout the whole thing, he embraced himself and took the whole thing pretty calmly. He is definitely very close to his mum and really fillial as well as giving utmost concern and care for her when she was around. So much so I didnt think it was easy to embrace the whole thing, more over he had to console others and ask them to be strong. Mentally I think you must be really strong, in which I really salute him. I saw another person, the deceased's granddaughter, she teared really badly as she was really very close to her. I always see her coming over to talk to the grandma, talking and chatting with her. She teared very badly, but guess there wasnt much I could do but words of consolation but the loss of someone dear to u takes more than just words. There was not much I could do but to look helplessly. She once said her grandma was the only person she was willing to take a bullet for, making me wonder who would I take a bullet for today. Looking at her reminded me that I am really close or perhaps was really close to my grandma. Should really visit her more often and more time with her while she is still around now.
Went to visit one of my friend who just had her first baby. Think she looked really happy as a mother. The joy of having your own child is something I guess words cant really explain. I used to think that having a child today one must really think twice. Cost of bringing up the kid aside, the amount of pressure the child has to bear to when they are borned due the the competition with others plus the standard of living then. Also you may have to worry about whether the child will be borned complete and healthy without any disabilities or stuff. Well on the brighter side, a child if with the right person, is the love product of two soul mates.
Went to two different occasions, 1 filled with sadness, another filled with happiness. Life is such I suppose. One moment of happiness another moment of sadness. The death made me wondered if at my own death or funeral, who would turn up. A scene which I recalled from FF8 which Squall wondered too. Such event should make us treasure things and people who are still around us now. Well as the happy occasion, I dont think such event will occur to myself, or anytime near future, such happines I guess will only be shared through friends. Now guess I will wait, for the happiness to come or the Death shall come before, for only Death is equal to all, just a matter of when it comes..

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