Saturday, March 20, 2010


This post is for my dear friend, who sounded pretty upset the other day. Being stubborn I think is really subjective. If you are insistent on your point or stand over a certain issue, against all others and refuting all other opinions that comes along, you are labelled stubborn. However, it is no longer termed as stubbornness but termed persistence, if at the end of the day your efforts paid off when you deliver the end results. Results matter most, and it has been delivered. Enough said. Subtly put, stubbornness converts to persistence with results else it is just plain stubbornness. However if results aren't delivered in the end, it is just plain stubbornness as you cant make a claim of persisting till the end. In the end your claims are just viewed as stubbornness. You will then have to face peoples' unpleasant yankings of "Yeah, see I told you not to be so stubborn" and all the other crap that comes along. So most importantly its again the reality of life where the end results is important.

Along the way when you are insistent in your point and stand, it is not easy to go against all odds and against all others. I for one is also plain stubborn in my beliefs and my ways of doing things. I want something I will get it my way. I refuse to bow down to certain rules and restrictions. The more you restrict me the more I will go against you. I believe I live my own life and control my own destiny. I need not answer to anyone in my actions or my thoughts or maybe at the minimum my parents. Else, fuck this shit about how people think about you or their opinions. You live your own life and you control your own fate and destiny. Why limit yourself due to some shallow views and opinions, as you answer to only yourself. Give no damn to all other shit. Believe in yourself strongly and bash your way through.

When you do things against the normal flow, it is unavoidable that you are not only termed stubborn but silly or crazy or insane. Look at the salmon which swims up stream just to get a better nesting ground, it takes much more effort and strength to go against the slow. So most importantly trust your own feeling and belief and stay strong and fight for it with no regrets and end of the day deliver the results to make those who disagree to STFU..

Bowen Red Hulk
gotten this Red Hulk statue by Bowen then and I think it looked really good, though not a very dynamic pose, I loved the bulging muscles and with the veins along with the colour red, it makes him a fearsome character..though i'll have to think of who to match with him
A brief intro of Red Hulk or known as Rulk, it a gamma radiating Red coloured Hulk which is different from the normal Green Hulk. It has the strength of Green Hulk along with the brains. He was was created by writer Jeph Loeb and artist Ed McGuiness
statue uncovered, looks a little dark in this pic

Red Hulk unleashed
from the rightfrom the left

backview of the hulk

Upclose of Red Hulk, check out the veins! as well as his pearly whites lol
the base which the non sandy part is to place the gun
the Red Hulk actually uses gun. yeah so this is the gun to be placed on the base
Well let Hulk or rather Rulk smash through the walls of rules to allow us emabrk on a silly and stubborn path.. Hope you are feeling better ha..


  1. My dear fren, thank you for your post. Feel blessed that my friends are all supporting me in one way or another. I've made my decision in life and I will be happy about it. Like you said, I need not answer to anybody but myself. I will be firm to my decision and will be persistant to what I want to achieve else my decision will be classified as stubborness...

  2. haha yeah jia you. can give me a call if you need anything..