Monday, June 1, 2009

Star Wars lelong day

Are parents obligated to raise their children and are children obligated to take care of parents when they are old?
When parents give birth to their children, they raise and teach them most of the time with utmost love, care and concern. Raising a child is no easy task, in fact a tidious one. Yet with no grumbles, they try to give the very best to children. Is there such a need for the best? Minimum requirements is required I believe as they give life to the children but the best? I do not think so. However parents still give the best to the extend if they have only 1 drumstick for food they will go hungry and give the child the whole drumstick. What do they ask for in return for such actions of unselfish and wholesome love and care? Not nothing I believe but at the very least the hope that their children will grow up well and are filial to them.

Based on traditional Asian cultural teachings of Confucius, filial piety is a must. It is in fact the most important trait or virtue in Chinese culture. Well what is filial piety? Returning the act of taking care of your parents when they are old? This I feel is the minimum one is obligated to especially if they gave and done their best to provide the very best for you. A more Asian and traditional thinking is a must for filial piety without questioning as parents had a hard time giving birth to you, but perhaps a more Westernised thinking would be who was enjoying during the process before having the child? Regardless some roles and duties still would have to be played. Sad to say many fail to do the bare minimum today and perhaps more parents today do not hope their children would take care of them when they are old. Perhaps having more cash beside them when they retire is a safer and more secure option. As I look at my parents working at a age which many would have perhaps retired, I cant help but to feel how much have I done as a son or what have I done to increase or decrease their burden. At this age I believe they have done their part and is no longer obligated to take care children's trivial matters but they still do with and try to help in every way they can. Even if you do not give them the utmost respect and love, they still give all their love to you. Some things you may never be able to return throughout the journey of your life, as so at least do the minimum as one is obligated to do the bare minimum, although insignificant but at least something is done.

Another toy hunt day as I went to buy my Star Wars figures at OG. Went for an early breakfast with my dad and headed to the shopping centre. Reached 5 mins after the opening hours and I was already the 3rd person in there lol. An interesting thing happened which an ex-staff, lets name her Jane, was ame back to pick up her stuff. One of my friends a Star Wars collector as well (lets name Jack), has a crush for Jane. I was then talking to Jane which Jack suddenly popped his head behind Jane's back and joined in the converstation. That gave Jane a big shock, but very quickly Jack said "Hi its been long since I saw you, so heard you no longer working here? Oh by the way Im Jack, what's your name?" upon hearing this I cant control my laughter by his actions and his approach and as Jane introduced herself she asked why was I laughing. Then I just stared at Jack who then continued "Oh no la, they think that I am going after you." Jane then giggled and Jack continued "But well, I really do have the intention of going after you, what do you think of it? Do i stand a chance?" That left everyone including the other staff nearby, me and Jane dumbfounded and I cant help to burst out laughing. Well in the end Jack did went up to ask for Jane's number and he did got it. Upon what circumstances she gave her number I do not know, fear of embarrassment to Jack she has a thing for Jack? Well Jack was clearly on cloud nine as he obtained his objective of getting her number. Some view Jack's actions as an act of foolishness, some feel it is an act of frankness and bravery, whichever so hope it goes well for him although I feel some things should be tackled in a more tactiful way especially speeches of declaration of one's feelings.
On the sidenote though, Jack thought all this is fate that Jane appeared on the day which he came down as well. Little does he know that "fate" was actually arranged by Jane's ex-supervisor, which she asked Jane to come on the day which she knew James would definitely come back to purchase the Star Wars stuff.

Stuff I bought which left me a poor man
Star Wars battle packs

Clone Wars AT-TE Assault Squad
although I stopped Clone Wars stuff but this pack with troopers and arsenal of big bad-ass guns & rifles at such a good price is too good to resist, check out what each of em is carrying

Clone Wars B' Omarr Monastery Assault and Legacy Collection Jedi vs Darth Sidious
B' Omarr Monastery Assault with Anakin on Stap with droid from the Clone Wars which he hops on and off one another Stap
Legacy Collection Jedi vs Darth Sidious, a repack from the older TAC series featuring the stupid scene from Star Wars Episode 3 which Darth Sidious kills 3 Jedi from the Council, Agen Kolar with Saesee Tiin and Kit Fisto, in one move, only Mace Windu survived, wth they are supposed to be very powerful but zZZ.

Clone Attack On Coruscant, another repack battlepack from TAC but with 5 troopers and a nice gunship background and nice price why hold back?

Hoth Recon Patrol, not bad with the 2 droids and the patrol thingy

Star Wars Comics pack

Darth Talon & Cade Skywalker from Legacy series
Cade Skywalker is actually descendant of Skywalker family with stepping close to the Dark side and the ability to bring someone back to life

Grand Admiral Thrawn & Talon Karrde from Heir to the Empire, some bad guys left who kill the good guys after 2nd Death Star got destroyed

Clone Emperor & Luke Skywalker from the Dark Empire, which there is a clone of the dead Palpatine reborned.

Leia Organa & Prince Xizor from Shadows of the Empire, which Leia meets Prince Xizor, leader of the Black Sun who has weird powers

Darth Vader & Princess Leia from Infinities - Return of the Jedi, based on What If Vader fights along the side of Leia and Luke. A white Vader, looks like he inspired by Michael Jackson.

Quinlan Vos & Commander Faie from Republic, Quinlan Vos is one of the coolest Jedi around though he did not appear in the movie, here with Commander Faie with Kashyyk armour.

Deliver visible visual changes or non-physical changes unseen by the naked eye?

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