Wednesday, August 26, 2009

STCC 09 (ii) -- Cosplay

This post is pics of the cosplay pics I took. 2nd day of STCC was movie theme cosplay while 3rd day was anime theme.

V for Vendetta by Movie Mania
Hmm I duno what character, Mikuru?
Masked Rider Kabuto
Yoko from Gurren Lagann
Death Note's Misa Misa
Soul Calibur's Isabella Valentine and Cervantes
Isabella Valentine alone
Dragonball Fat Buu, quite cute but head abit too small lol but alot of people take photos of it ha
Play Babe contestants
more Play Babe contestants
Star Ocean
Male lead character Edge Maverick
Female lead character Reimi Saionji
Faize Scheifa Beleth, its a male character btw..
Trinity Blood Queen EstherGhost buster girl lol
2 girls promoting some game booth
Movie Mania again
Predator..Muz be hot in the costume
Didnt take the troopers for 501st as taken quite alot from last time so just this, Star Wars Visas Marr..*force choke...

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