Monday, August 24, 2009

STCC 09 (i)

Its Singapore Toys Games & Comics Convention 2009. This year's event has an area twice as large and more exhibitors than last year. Im helping out my friend at his booth and was pretty much busy, though spent alot of time walking around ha. There were lots of interesting things to look at and also to buy but I find it more suitable for people who are into designer toys. Its a great avenue for inspiring artists to create some awareness in the local scene. Some of the guests invited are Brian Bolland, Tan Eng Huat, Joe Ledbetter etc. I think it was overall better than last year though some felt otherwise but I think there is really a great improvement in the standards as we have a great increase of exclusives and the event is only into its 2nd year. We see Ani Com Hot Toys exclusives, SDCC exclusives and many others, along with famous artists as invited guests. I took some pictures since the press release night. Made a few friends at the event, gotten lots of stuff and some photos. 1st day was for the exhibitors to set up their stuff and later in the evening was for the press release.

Mural board for the STCC 09, recognise any familiar drawings?
Booth setup by G&B Comics for Brian Bolland
Brian Bolland himself eating a bunPoor picture taken with his eyes closed. Should have retook but didnt check my picture after taken zZZ
Cool designer octopus toys
figures shaped like Stitch
more designer toys
Tokidoki booth, the mural wall looks really good and they have pretty and cute staff too which i forgot to take pics of lol.*too busy looking at them lol..
LF's fav display which has lots of mini figures inside
cool Nike shoe toy ha
more designer toys again
Otaku House toys, check out the different domokun
Hellboy! though i think dont look so nice ha
This is an interesting booth man he makes mecha and monsters from plasticine like material!! wanted to get em but not for sale sadly.. but they look real good.. He's a character designer currently based in Singapore, check out his blog here
My friend's booth haha
Blythe booth! the dolls really look good man. The booth has a pretty big area
Winson Ma's booth!! He is the designer for the 12" Fire Specter!!! Something interesting happened, my friend was walking around with me when he spotted the Fire Specter and he was really excited when he saw it and dashed over excitedly and asked the guy how much was it. The guy then answered him and my friend told him "Ok! I'll go get the money now! You keep it for it! I'll be right back! Remember my face ah, I'll come back! Can you remember me?" The guy then told him yeah he remembers. So he goes off and returns with the money and pays for it. At 1st the guy said can he leave the piece here to be displayed as he only has one piece for sale but he my friend replied No as he really liked it and has been searching for it for quite awhile. So the guy just said Ok and he then took a marker to sign on the box. As he was doing so my friend saw and asked what was he doing and he replied he was signing then my friend questioned again why you signing on my item and then the answer came that he was the designer of the toy and we got a shock ha only to realise his booth read Winson Ma along with all the other stuff on display was what he designed lol.. Well he is really friendly and over the days spent quite abit of time to talk to him and when I asked which was his best creation to date, he said his 2 children are his best creations so far! lol.. He also mentioned that as an artist the best thing is to be able to see the fruits of your labour through the products you came out with, the feeling is indescribable, which i totally agree man. And he is planning to come up with new 12" and a comic man! Looking forward to it!

His booth's posters
his designer toys
his 12" figures which he designedOther designer toys for sale

This was a really nice poster which caught my attention. It looks really cool
Joe Ledbetter's big mural guarded by 2 ladies, should have asked them to pose for a shot lol..
Gary Baseman's works and products
Wanted to place this picture among cosplayers but she wasnt really there for the cosplay event which was on Sat and Sun so added her in. She is dressed up as Kanu Unchou from Ikkitousen. Great figure! lol
GnB booth with Silver Surfer's statueCute and pretty GnB staff posing for a pic
display of their toys -- DC figures which comes with magazines
more of them
This is a really interesting toy but not for sale only for display as it was not designed to be sold thus the inside was roughly done up. Only the mini figures are for sale at $10 each. I love the shiny body with a see through head which the base inside the base section spins thus the mini figures spins inside. Its by a Hong Kong artist. Supported by getting 1 of the figures. They were at Ani Com at HK too from my friend who was there.
Simply Toys booth which had lots of display and stuff for sale
Diablo's BabarianAlien vs Predator statues
300's Leonidas Premium Format with Hell Boy statue
Conan and Indy statues
Boba Fett Master Replica Helm and booble head and Princess Leia Premium Format from Star Wars
501st Trooper Master Replica Helm and Vinyl Collectible Doll
Clone Trooper Master Replica Helmet
Stormtrooper Master Replica Helmet
Stormtrooper has 2 eyes while Clone trooper eyes is like a line if those who do not know the difference..
Concept Darth Vader, called Concept as it was the initial design for Vader not the finalised one.
Snow White..An apple anyone?
Master Replica light sabers
Ironman and Ghost Rider statues with Venom Legendary Scaled Bust
Iron Spider and Predator on horse statue
Lord of the Rings Gandalf fighting Balrog
Sheng Tai's booth. They had lots of tikam machines which I didnt take photos of and there were really lots of people who spend dollars to turn the capsules..
Optimus Prime and Megatron collection at Hasbro counter belonging to Stephenus
Starting with Optimus Prime
then Megatron
GI Joe's display..This looks really good with the figures man
different angle shots
the VehiclesSome of the exclusives which were supposed to be SDCC exclusives turned up at Hasbro booth for Toys R Us, making them not so exclusive afterall and causing ST's pricing to look ridiculous..
SDCC Exclusive Wolverine Muggs with retractable claws
Soundwave also SDCC Exclusive
SDCC Exclusive GI Joe McCullen twin pack
SDCC Exclusive 12" Baroness
SDCC Exclusive Smiling Luke, which I find quite ugly and for that price i needa think thrice..Forsee it'll up lelong at TRU
new Build a Droid series which the previous series proved to be a flop
Monopoly, which you can actually sit in the car lol.. They were promoting a new Monopoly and were having demos for it
GI Joe poster
Transformers Revenge of the Fallen poster!! Really nice!
Action City's booth. Action City actually brought in the exclusive Terminator T600 Concept version and Gun Metal Silly Thing Ironman. To think that they actually advertised on their site or rather face book account that the exclusive items would be at a very good price. Yeah right.. Hong Kong Ani Com sells at $240 for Ironman and they place it at $400. How good is such a price? Well what ever price, all was sold out as there were like 40 pieces a day each? For your info, Ani Com had 500 pieces of Ironman spread over 5 days which Terminator had only 300 pieces over the 1st 3 days. In Japan there was no Terminator Concept version for their convention. Last day had no stocks of both Terminator and Ironman left to be sold but Terminator T600 Concept version was still taking orders which will come in in 2 weeks time. How exclusive..
T600 Concept version selling for $300

Gun Metal Silly Thing Ironman selling for a ridiculous price of $400
DX version of Joker and BatmanMarcus WrightMovie Mania's booth

tikam machine for this series looked really nice man but I dont collect this kind so didnt get but there was this PRC taking torch light to shine into the machines to try to look and peer at them lol..Devilrobots Koto and 2 pretty and hot ladies!

Will fill in more stuff of the cosplay as well as my hoots in the next post. Didnt take pictures of the other artists. Totally forgot.. Must remember the next time. Out for now..

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