Friday, August 7, 2009

HK Delivery

My stuff from Hong Kong thanks to Alvin, ZH and LF. Haha this 1 post is for all the stuff. Well Alvin queued for 45 mins just to get the stuff for me so kam xia! Ha

Long Hu Men, Q-版公仔 or nendroids look-alikes
think the art looks good on the box

My favourite character and piece of all, Wang Feng Lei. Check out the cool sunglass and the fire and ice!

Wang Xiao Long with his staff
Shi Hei Long with his nunchuckWang Xiao Hu with his 2 daggers

Overall the figures look quite good and the quality of the toys are better than the older toys but still far from Japanese and US toys' quality. These figures cant really stand properly on their own due to the size of their heads but they come with pretty nice stand to balance it. Each comes with accessories as well, mostly their weapons.

Long Hu Men Big 4!
Huo Yun Xie Shen 6" figure, luckily didnt get the others as I feel its not really very detailed and well done. But well..

Some of the posters given

Brochures given by some of the stalls at Ani Com, nothing to do so just take some pics of it

Lastly not from Ani Com but from the shops, SD set of 10 of One Piece figuresThink the Ani Com is a must go for HK comic lovers as well as game lovers but not really for plain toy lovers. Must really make a trip there one day man. Really regretted not joining my friends haiz..


  1. Hi! Where did you have buy the Wang Feng Lei action figure? I'm italian and i sholud wanna buy one.

  2. the cute SD figure? they are a few versions. think the only version you can get now is with the weekly Hong Kong comics released not too long ago.

  3. Im from indonesia.. how i can find online shop who seller some dragon tiger gate figure?