Monday, August 3, 2009

Infinite sadness and Reflection

It has been a crappy week other than start of school, this day has left me reminiscing about many things of the past. To think about it, its been a good 8 months since all the crap happened. In other words I've been like an aimless soul floating around doing nothing, simply just letting myself be drained of thoughts, energy and soul. If things were well it would have been a good 6 whole years. The word is "IF". Well the feeling really sucks to the core especially it starts to overwhelm me totally, really feel like drowning myself in Chivas and Jack Daniels. But on 2nd thoughts some shit just gotta end somewhere somehow.

Perhaps many of me beliefs have changed and are different from before but think its more important of what I should do in the days ahead. I want to back some of the things I have lost along the years, the competitiveness, the fighting spirit, the energy and the seek for thrills and adrenaline rush and many of the things I have once sought. Im not a person without dreams but
its the path to attain the dream that Im unclear of. Its good to write down your goals as at least you will see your goals daily and remind yourself to work towards it. It pretty much make a difference and is a start towards goal attainment.

Think for now needa find some employment to sustain myself and my fees to come, along with completion of my studies. Oh and keep a healthier life style with exercise and shed some kilos. Along the way, a I seek a greater path, the greater purpose in life, the reason of my existence in this circle of Life. Or perhaps Im destined to be in this rat race trying to climb out of it but in vain, only to realise it at the end of my life journey that Im just pretty much a mediocre guy like every other Tom, Dick and Harry. For now let me don my trooper helmet and recluse myself away from the realities of life and indulge in my obsessions.

Starting with Star Wars Wedge Antilles' X Wing
X Wing is probably the best and nicest vehicle in Star Wars in my opinion and how can a fan not own one of these beauties. This is from The Legacy Collection and comes with Wedge Antilles himself in his pilot costume, along with droid and ladder.
Arial view
Front view
Upclose from the front
and lastly back of the box
Battle packs which are going for clearance and I managed to get some!
30th Anniversary Collection Hoth Patrol battle pack with Luke in Hoth winter wear and his snow lizard ride, Tauntaun and the monster which knocked him out Wampa. Yes what a weird name..

Clone Wars Yoda & Coruscant Guard battle pack at an irresistible price, this is higher in demand than the other as these maroon troopers are less available than the orange ones. Why is it Coruscant Guard not Coruscant Guards? When there is so many of em..
Clone Wars Obi-Wan & 212th Attack Battalion battle pack
back of it
The Legacy Collection's Training on the Falcon with the price further lowered. The shiny C3PO is probably best among all 4 figures ha.
back of the box
Lastly hand itchy gotten a Clone Wars Echo
The palm print on his chest is because Captain Rex mentioned that his armour was too clean, so placed a hand print on it to signify that he was no longer a rookie.

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