Wednesday, August 12, 2009

National Day Family Chalet

Its National Day again, celebrating Singapore's 44th birthday. Well didnt go anywhere to watch the fireworks sadly. But went for a short toy hunt to CSC picking up some stuff as well as my friends, yeah the delivery man, well at least got a ride there and forth. Didnt waste the trip as I gotten World of Warcraft series 1 full set for a good price. I actually have a few pieces but missed out the Blood Elf Rogue and the Dwarf Warrior so didnt really bothered. Act first think later lol. Shared boxed set Illidan and Orc Shaman with my friend as I had those but got an extra Undead Warlock. I really love this WOW series as I think the detailing is great and is really value for money for the figure as compared to my Star Wars 3.75" but uber space consuming due to the bubble packaging. Only gotten Series 1 plus a few random ones but seriously considering getting all.

After CSC dropped Lantendo at Leisure Park to be greeted by lots of babes on bikes. It was some motor event with lots of people snapping away on their DSLR. Were they focusing on the bikes? Or ladies? Well both are hot I guess but sadly I didnt have my camera to take some shots. Hanged around a short while then headed to my friend's place to collect and pass him some stuff which ended up in a long chat about his recent HK trip. Was a pretty long chat man, guess guys can be just as chatty as women ha..

Headed home to put down my stuff and headed to chalet at Pasir Ris. Was abit late when I got there and some of them had left. Well food was still in great abundance and my aunt was BBQ-ing unlike most of the BBQs i held it'll be me cooking. Alas easy chore of filling my growling stomach with the food. I really love chalets and BBQ, with the right company of course. I cant remember when was the last time I had such an activity recently didnt really had much mood for it. Then entertained my cousins for awhile by playing some no-cash mahjong, think I've not done that since i started playing mahjong. Ha well taught them how to play but stopped when I wanted to catch 300 on Channel 5. Then something fuinny occurred, as most of them didnt really know how to play, they keep asking me to advise them how to play and what to hit and all. In the end I had to advise all of them, walking around the table in a circle, making it seem like that Im actually playing the whole game for the 4 players by acting as an advisor. Pretty much a good day with food but no beer, which was replaced by red wine. Not too bad either. I then realised that this chalet was featured in some spooky tales program on Channel 5 before lol. Didnt stay over as I didnt bring my clothes and had some stuff to do. So when it was pretty late at night, cycled back with my mum as had to get the bikes back. When I passed by this playground near my place, I cant help but to stop and think back 6 years back when I laid down gazing upon the stars on the slide and chit chatting. A surge of emotion engulfed me as struggled to suppress the outburst of the feeling. The night sky looked pretty much the same and the playground looked abit weathered over time but the person is no longer there. I could only slowly push my bike back and reminisce about the past.

WOW Series 1 Blood Elf Rogue
really like the engravings on the blister pack
the Dwarf Warrior from Series 1 as well
Gotten this awhile back and they look really nice ha.. Just that its abit different from the movie as in the movie its abit more dirty coloured. Transformation is abit complex so may take some time. Its probably one of the hottest piece of ROTF and hardly seen on shelves so better grab it if you see it on the shelves!

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