Thursday, July 30, 2009

Start of School Again..

Starting this week my lessons have begun again, actually was last week but I missed one lesson. This time round its thrice a week, zzZ. Well last semester was pretty bad with a flunked subject. Really crappy state, well got to change and buck not if not seriously wasting the money and time. Well its back to online quizes, group and individual assignments along with exams. Well one of my groups consists of 2 Malay guys and 1 is a like sissy, with thin trimmed brows eeew.. should have rejected the idea of joining their group but well dont really know how to reject. Well my other group for another has 2 pretty ladies, making up for the other group lol.. A bonus for going to the class I guess ha. This semester is shorter with lesser lessons and less exams but it means more projects too. Well cant have the best of both worlds. 3rd semester and more than half way to go. Toil on..

Well this week my friends are going to Hong Kong, wanted to join them but being on the status of unemployed and my endless purchases of toys have kept me away from boarding the plane with them. Sad.. Its Ani Con over there at Hong Kong starting on 31st July till 4th August, its basically a combination of the annual Comics Fair or convention and a gaming convention. Think must set goals to visit all these conventions at least once in a lifetime man. San Diego Comics Convention SDCC, Wonderfest and many of those to come. Singapore too has a upcoming event of its own Singapore Toys Convention starting on 13th till 16th of August. Though its a smaller scale with less convention exclusives but at least its something and its just into its 2nd year.

Well some Transformers purchases starting with Henkei's Streak going for lelong

Followed by Henkei's Octane

And finally gotten the big bad ass Unicron!!! Time to hunt down some Minicons
On a side note, like my friend Kenny who wonders too, anyone purchase 2 Unicrons just to make it form a full planet? Ha..
Lastly Fort GT Mirage for my friends and I
Sadly not the E Hobby Exclusive transparent version

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