Tuesday, December 14, 2010

AFAX 2010

AFA 2010 was on 13th n 14th November and is actually during my exams period but simply just could not resist the idea of going over. Was given concert tickets worth $120 by my friend! woots.. So went over quite early and wanted to see if there were any good deals to grab. This year event is again at Suntec City with tickets from normal price $8 to standing concert tickets of $55 to $120 seated concert tickets. Didnt help my friend this year round. So went there and looked around. Forgot to take pictures of the booths, must remember to take some pictures next time round. Ban Dai had a really big area with lots of gashapon machines as well as some cheap SOCs and Saint Seiya though nothing much except an old exclusive Atami Midnight version for a good price. Yamakawa brought in lots of candy toys or trading figures with lots of variety at great prices! They had brought in the yet to be launched One Piece Styling Series for Marineford series as well as the FC Collection Promise for Freedom for display but not for sale. But well at least we have something to see. Due to duno what reason I was not so keen in taking pictures of toys but more on cosplay this round ha.

Well starting with photos of this Toyota invention, the Winglet which is quite interesting ha although I was more interested in the promoters, this device looks cool n sleak in various colours, allows people to move around quite freely. You can check out videos on youtube for more. But I kinda feel that this makes people more lazy to move around. Ha..

Well Otakus dream girl, Alodia was here again this year and I saw her dressed in the Haruhi gothic dress but only got a back view shot =( zZZ..
I'll just post the photos of what I took there. Some pictures are pretty bad but well just for the fun of it.. Saw some of my friends there with full camera gear flash and even the umbrealla thing lol. Compared to my newbie digital cam lol. Well here are the pictures..
Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome & Ranka Lee Twins into cosplay together! Quite cool I find..

FF13 Lightning
I just cant remember the name for her but nice costume though..

Fate Testarossa from Nanoha

Dead Master from Black Rock Shooter

Riku from FF10 with 8 Tails from Naruto
One Piece Perona
Queen Amidala from Star Wars

FF13 Snow Villiers
Forgot the name of this too. She had her boyfriend patiently beside her everytime she stopped to pose for photos..

Bleach Hollow Szayel and Ulquiorra


Macross Frontier again
FF Sephiroth
Another Sephiroth with Kadaj and Yuffie
I really think this guy is good. The wings looks magnificient and he has a pretty good body along with it.. Really impressive..
Devil May Cry Dante and Nero
Chouji from Naruto, quite well done too..

Snow Miku
Saotome Alto and Sheryl Nome

Alphonse Elric from Full Metal Alchemist
Ouran High School

Ranka Lee

I think these 2 girls were really cute! Though I cant recognise what characters are these..

Jack Sparrow
My friend as Emperor Kiva, whom I called out to at first but he didnt hear me so I thought was another guy until he came up to me and said "Dont you recognise me?" lol..

Hollow Ichigo
Hatsune Miku VN02
Black Rock Shooter

Hmmm I think this is a cross dresser..

Few non cosplay shots a big Chopper toy
New mini SOC
Vocaloid: Kagamine Rin Nuclear Fusion "Meltdown" Figure
This is 1 figure I kinda liked but didnt get. Hmm duno why too well maybe next time..Car with Mirai all over lol..
Yoko from Gurren Lagann
They had this booth where they asked the cosplayer to go in and they had a recording which we could view through a glasses in 3D

Picture of the Xmas tree which I took when I walked out of Suntec City..
Puchases of items I bought from AFA
Final Fantasy Creature Series 1 Magus Sister Cefca Palazzo
I didnt consider completing this series but well the price was not too bad and since it was the last 2 I missed out on so I just took them. Finally completed them in a way..
SD Kuji Macross figures for my friend

Dragonball Fantastic Arts Shen Long and Wu Kong both versions! Including the chase gold dragon!!!
Dragonball Amazing Arts Picolo bust, now left Buma but I think it doesnt look that nice.. Well see how it goes..
Picked up my Gentle Giant Darth Talon bust after that and I got 3850/3850! This bust sculpt is more realistic sculpt as compared to the Sideshow Premium Format version. Will post pictures of that another day. This is the only bust I got other that Darth Maul from Gentle Giant.

Overall I think AFA is more an event for anime lovers as well as Cosplay lovers as they have international cosplayers and anime singers like May'N, Aniki, JAM Project and others. Aniki and May'N were here for all years. Many people really loved the concert with the live singing and all the high standards of cosplaying. However I find that the management can improve the ticketing sales which can be held somewhere else instead of the same level as the event as the crowd is blocked by the queue. Well till next year then.. Which may no longer be held in Singapore but hopefully it still is..


  1. Gah im so jealous >< I really want to go to the AFAX someday. so Close.. yet so Far.. -I live in australia
    there was so many vocaloid cosplayers. when im older il friggin fly to singapore jst for this and show up as the very best kaito cosplayer!

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