Monday, December 20, 2010

Jump Fiesta One Piece Previews

Recently was Jump Fiesta which reveal some of the upcoming One Piece items like POP, Figuarts Zero, SH Figuarts and others. I must say Ban Presto items are really well priced and of really good quality. POP looks great but price is not that cheap. Well some pictures of the figures shown.

Ban Dai SH Figuarts Sanji
other than Luffy released with the blown up fist gimmick, I find the other Ace and Nami released pretty bad as the sculpt looks bad, but Sanji dun look so bad from this pic, especially the flaming foot effect
Ban Dai Figuarts Zero Strong World Shanks and Ace, Im not a supporter of Figuarts Zero line, thinking the line lacks details to the sculpt.. Figuarts Zero Trafalgar Law Figuarts Zero Chopper, feel that the face looks abit funny Ban Presto DX Brotherhood figures upclose..think the face sculpt and flames effect look great!DX DX Girls Snap Collection 1 Vivi & NamiGrandline Children -- young Sabo, Luffy & Ace
the uncoloured prototypes DX Marines figures
Super DX Ace seems to have a newer version with a less shiny body and flames on his hands
POP Vista coloured! Instead of releasing the other Admirals or Shichibukai we get White Beard's other captains instead zzZ
POP Strong World Shanks
looks great but never appear in the OVA so I dun understand why is he released though he looks great
upclose pic of his face
POP Strong World Ace uncoloured
POP Perona coloured love the ghost beside it as well as the colour of Perona
Was kind of hoping Megahouse would complete the Admirals and Shichibukai rather than releasing other characters but well being a sucker for OP stuff especially POP I most prob would get all of them.

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