Wednesday, December 15, 2010

STGCC 2010

This year Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention STGCC is from 10th till 12th of December. Instead of Play Imaginative organising it, it is held by Reed Exhibitions. The charges was about $15 per day or $25 for 3 days pass. Well, there are more guests invited this year, with past years guest Shin from Devilrobots, Tan Eng Huat from Marvel and local artist Sonny Liew. Lots of new guest like David Llyod from V for Vendetta, Phil Ortiz from Simpsons, Simone Legno from Tokidoki, Mori Chack from Gloomy Bear and many others like Giuseppe Camuncoli, Matt Fraction, Leinil Francis Yu, Ivan Brandon, Esad Ribic, Gail Simone, Alex Maleev, C.B. Cebulski and others. Quite a long list I would say.

I went on the first day for the whole day, perhaps it was a Friday the crowd was not that huge and you had space to move and walk about, there is no preview day this time round. On a sidenote, last year was a free event and if you pay $5 for a guide, you will get lots of freebies from giveaways. Sales for tickets of the event was more orderly, where the ticket sales was held on level 1 of Suntec City and the event itself on level 4. Much more orderly and there was many booths to maintain the order. Well start with some pictures of I took. Took more toy photos this round lol since it is also a toy event ha.

Simpsons with a guy in Pikachu costume with his stormtrooper turned behind his head. He did it on purpose btw lol.. Devilrobots Evilrob
Designer Toys
Gloomy Bear Joe Ledbetter Carebears keychain Toyntoys display of some Megahouse items
501st Star Wars Lego Hoth battle display
Snowspeeder and Rebel troopers
Hangar scene with Chewie fixing Millenium Falcon
X Wing and the crew of pilots
U Toys display of a 12" Einstein figure 12" Bruce Lee
The Hot Toys Ironman boxart can acutally combine and together..

Alter K-on figures
Goodsmile Saber & the newly released super movable Nendroid Saber Saber Lily
The next big thing now is Black Rock Shooter with Dead Master by Goodsmile Figma, Nendroid and PVC of the different BRS
Action City Booth
Batman Kubrick
Hot Toys Ironman Mark V & VI busts
Hot Toys Mark I, II, III and Gun Metal version Poor photo of Mark III vs War Machine
Custom works, with a Iron Patriot look alike Falconer Predator another poor shot of the not so exclusive Guardian Predator upcoming Hot Toys DX figure -- Bruce Lee Some cool designer toys sold at a booth, really dig the black shiny one but didnt get it in the end
Some toys at a booth which I dont really know what it is. Helliger Holdings

An interesting poster which I took randomly. There was this whole lane of artist works by different artists and their different works from sketches to models to prints to books.. Play Arts Kai Black Label Collection Vol 2: Pupa
think these are really cool articulated mecha which the Pupa is a new AI boss weapon in Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
Play Arts Kai Black Label Collection Vol.2: Chrysalis
Play Arts Kai Black Label Collection Vol.2: Basilisk
Halo figures by Square Enix
Metal Gear Solid Snake by Square Enix Square Enix Devil May Cry Dante and Nero To-Fu & Gloomy Bear collaboration Interesting toys from Otaku House
I think the white skeleton Simpsons looks good Domo Kun in all colours and sizes ha.. pictures of people now..
Starting with a lady inside a glass window asking people to help fill in a survey..Poor thing.. Group of ladies in different costumes
One of the cosplay contestants Detroit Metal City Krasuer, check out the light up guitar! Another group of ladies in different costumes. Think the 2nd one on top looks quite sweet lol..
BRS cosplay, 1 with a big gun another with a big sword..
Sengoku Basara Sanada Yukimura cosplay, pretty good I must say.. 1 of the best I've seen that day..
off the stage
A really friendly lady cosplaying as a San Guo character with 董卓flag
Naruto's Sakura some fluffy and big character sexy and pretty Princess Leia cosplayer! K-on Cute cosplayer as someone which I dont know.

Well now for other stuff at STGCC. Shin and Mori Chack signing the item Hoots from STGCC
B-Wing, only piece I saw
Extra Kuji Shenlong
Extra Optimus & Jetfire pack
POP Strong World Sanji & Brook but they are wrapped up

POP Strong World Nami Ending version
To-fu Gloomy Bear which I queued an hour for to get signed by both Shin and Mori Chack back of the face front
Mori Chack signature on its bodyShin's signature on top of the head My only sketch I got this year sadly.. By Simone Legno from Tokidoki
Well I find this year's STGCC not that bad but I find the crowd is lesser due to the fact you must pay. Better for people who are more interested in the event but definitely not so for the booths owners. However I find that is just a small amount to pay for as that is not a very big amount. We can ask for bigger names to come down but definitely need to start off on a smaller scale. The artists that are brought in are quite a handful this time round and there is many different things happening at the same time, thus one might be queueing for an autograph here while missing out another or missing out on a certain event. But for Friday and Saturday most of the artists were still around except for Sunday which most were not around anymore. There were quite interesting stuff like you could get Simpsonized by Phil Ortiz at a price however, of $50. There were some pretty good deals like discounted PVCs, Hot Toys Terminator figures and some old figures from Spawn, Star Wars and etc. However I find the this year's convention lack of certain stuff compared to last year when we had Hasbro's booth displaying different items like GI Joe and Transformers and Star Wars items. There was no exclusives at all unlike some of the SDCC exclusives. Well I guess there is always room for improvement but what thing that is offered there are always people who are in support of it as well as against it. This is more of a event more for designer toys and comics and art stuff, not an event which a toy collector would go and try to find heavily discounted items, which I think alot of people are looking out for. Overall I still find it not too bad. Will look forward to next year's event again.

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