Monday, December 13, 2010


Haven't really typed anything for a long time. Wanted to just upload my purchases pictures but my hard disk crashed zzZ. I have been thinking about things that I want to do and rather should do. Reflecting uopn this year which is coming soon to an end. It seems like that I always want to do so many things but in the end nothing ever comes much out of it. So now I'm trying to plan some stuff with more concrete planning and definitely realising the plans. One of my friend actually mentioned Hwa Chong's quote "自强不息" which I feel is really something which one should strive for. Constantly upgrading ourselves and bringing ourselves to higher heights.

Tried to post links of past few months purchases of my stuff, before I try to constantly upload my purchases to act as a reminder of what I spent or have, but seems like photobucket links do not show the pics but only the links don't know why zZZ.. will probably start off with some pictures from AFA and STGCC and EOY.

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