Friday, December 17, 2010

One Piece Log Box Vol 2

Was actually trying to tell myself not to collect any more new line for One Piece and kind of manage to stay away for the log box line until pics of Vol 2 was released with the Marine Ford line. zzZZ.. This looks too good to resist. Especially the combined set of the Shichibukai, which you can form from the extra pieces of the set of 6. These are diorama scenes from the Marine Ford Arc when White Beard leads all his crew to wage war with the Marines to try to save Ace.

White Beard trying to stop Aokiji Luffy hitting his grandpa Garb when going up trying to save and unlock Ace
PX-0 eliminating the pirates
Marco trying to stop Aokiji
Smoker blocking LuffyShichibukai without Crocodile and Black Beard and Jinbe

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