Thursday, December 16, 2010

EOY 2010

This year's EOY was held at Republic Poly, Woodlands zzZ.. Well headed there in the noon after I went CSC in the morning. My friend had a booth over there to promote his stuff so other than going over with my friend to take a look at the cosplay, went over there to support my friend in a way as well. Tickets were $16! Quite expensive I must say. The school looked really nice I must say. Especially the small fountain or pool area. So took some pictures of the school.

Brochure and ticket for EOY 2010

Random shots of the school How I wish this was my apartment lol.. The fountain section which looked really nice but kinda waste of space.. Well took some pictures of these expensive dolls

A different kind of Miku lol.. (notice the Stormtrooper helmet in the background?) Well there were lots of cosplay going on obviously so I just walked around, in and out, up and down and took some photos here and there.

Started with Naruto's Tsunade and Orochimaru, think Orochimaru should do a making or casting seal pose, would look greatCode Geass Euphemia Haseo from hack//G.U, nicely done costume! A shot of the people wearing the Green diamond on their heads, like in the game Sims lol.. Misa Misa from Death Note Near from Death Note as well Vocaloid One Piece Ace random shot quite cool purple and white suit which I cant recognise Recognise from STGCC but still do not know what characters lol This is 1 really good cosplay which again I do not really recognise, really like the pose and the whole costume overall with the makeup.. Poor dragon in all trapped inside the hot and stuffy costume.. 2 lovely ladies posing at the stairs from Granado Espada if Im not wrong but the costume looks great as well. I've got a thing for wings and feathers.. Ouran High, pity the guy carrying the girl around, the toughest role to cosplay, having to carry someone on top of you lol ..But probably he enjoys it ha.. Bleach Hollow Halibel Santa Gals?! Guy wearing V for Vendetta mask lol.. From 3..till 4.. The girl in pink skirt looks really cute lol. I would patronise whichever cafe or restaurant she worked at everyday! lol..


Nice costume too!
Very nice costume done as well..
Naruto's Sexy No Jitsu! One Piece Luffy and Nami. She is really busty like the Nami! Hot! *nose bleeds
SWAT team?

Left 4 Dead Hunter.. *Crouching waiting to leap! I really love these 3 gals pose and expression!
Blood +?
Hollow Ichigo from Bleach which I saw at STGCC as well.. Pretty nice background to pose and take photos I find..
under the trees in the shade..ha
hmm dont really know what charac but gave me abit of Perona feel Luffy from One Piece, looks not bad..
with the coat! King of Pirates! I think it looks really good with the coat and at that moment the wind was kind of blowing, so it was really cool and suddenly many people rushed over to take photo lol..
another shot of them but with an additional characterA sexy devil..oOO I'll gladly go to hell if so.. lol..
Ichigo from Bleach and Misaki Ayuzawa from Maid Sama
Bleach's Captain & Vice Captains, oh and ex-Captains
Card Captor Sakura? Poor photo without flash.. A pretty cute girl actually..
eh Kamina?
Time skip Zoro, Luffy and Nami
Damsel in distress look..check out how long the dresses are.. Lady holding a sketch of her promoting for the booth..

some mass dance at the moment Beyblade Mariah and Lee
Cute pose!

Pikachu girls!
Alois Trancy from Kuroshitsuji

My favourite cosplayer for the day.. think its Megurine Luka in samarai outfit. Regardless I love the expression and pose..
Overall quite a fun day walking around, looking and taking photos. It was really hot outside in the evening. There was no food sold there except 7-11 which closed after awhile and only a stall which sold those wrap. I probably think it specially came back on Sunday that day to do business which basically was the only best available choice and probably earned what it can earn in a week lol. For my friend and I we did not go into the other events like the concert stuff and all so probably the $16 is not really utilised much as such many may find it not worth while at all.
To think about it, its really fun having the same group of people sharing the same interest and doing the same stuff. Would love to try cosplaying 1 day but the thought of having to make the costumes, time, money, space and effort makes me have second thoughts for it. But its those which is the fun of it I guess. Notice many cross dressers which I cant really understand why.. But I find if a person wants to cosplay a character he or she should choose a character more suitable for himself or herself. I think it is important to bring out the 'soul' and characteristics of the character you are cosplaying. A tall person should perhaps cosplay a tall lanky character for example the Luffy with cloak above brings out the character. He definitely wont be suitable to cosplay as Franky for that build unless he buffs up. Well regardless its my opinion. Ultimately its the enjoyment one gains from the whole activity. Till next year then..

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  1. Looks exciting - loving all your pics! Btw, I have one Kstar Festival ticket to sell away for $58 off! Let me know if you're interested (for you I will sell at $68 off!)! THANKS!