Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Better Tommorow

It has been a very unpleasant period of time since start of year. Filled with a mixture of negative feelings, from disappointment to anguish to a stench of foul betrayal.. It has really been a crappy period of time. Though think I still haven gotten out of everything but felt better over encouragement from friends and family, through durians, coffee and the companionship. One word, thanks. Trying to stop thinking about some things which I have no control and spend time considering things I should be doing. A new direction, goal and drive to prove to myself and others. Guess its inevitable to not think back at times but like my friends keep saying "Move on", gotta brace myself together.

Had quite an eventful day last Saturday, starting with lunch at Yam Cha then followed by a toy hunt session with a friend. Started with a fruitless trip to Sunshine, missing the Gurren Laggen Kuji event. Then made way to Plaza Singapura, which now having quite a few toy shops, from Basement 1's Action City all the way to the top with Comics Connection, some Jap merchandise shop and Simply Toys along with the others. Then made way to Latendo, which I haven been to since it moved over to Leisure Park. Bad choice of location I must say, though there are many facilities like cinema, ice skating rink and all, there wasnt really much crowd on a Saturday. Well nevertheless the overall visit wasnt too bad, as Latendo's dispaly seem to have increased. You can always get to see alot of interesting stuff over there. And well 'managed' to get a tikam which we wanted lol.

Well decided to catch a movie there and decided to watch Drag Me to Hell. Actually didnt sleep through the night and was pretty tired but the show was not bad, with quite a original and interesting story ha and didnt doze off throughout the show. Quite a few scary scenes along with much gore n gruesome parts though the last part was kinda predictable. Basically its about the female lead, Christine Brown, a loan officer getting cursed by an old gypsy woman after rejecting her appeal for an extension on her loan and how she gets haunted and tries to fight the curse. Before the show started went to the arcade and played games which I haven't played for a long time or have never tried before. Oh played the basketball shooting game at the Zone X arcade at Dhoby Ghaut MRT for the 1st time before going over to Latendo, always thought it should not be that hard but well I was wrong! Pretty tiring and different from the actual rim and its addictive man ha. Anyways played Bishy Bashy, Mario Go-kart and the Air Hockey over at the arcade and it was fun ha. It was overall quite a fun day with good activities and companionship, haven had such fun for quite some time. Should do it more often, well TF2 time then.. Ah didnt expect to be a goer for horror shows ha. Yeah thanks for the fun day.

Well since you mentioned, this is for you, Carue under POP One Piece line. Its called 跑得快 and is Princess Vivi's rider in the story and like its chinese name, it runs really fast ha though it looks kinda clumsy. The action it makes is when it obeys and understand the order given cute right? haha.. It actually belongs to a clan of duckies lol..

And since the last post was on Red Hulk decided to take some pics of my Red Hulk figures.
The small 3.75" Marvel Fury Files
Exclusive Marvel Select Red Hulk
Marvel Legends BAF Red Hulk
The yellow Wolverine with variant black
Well newly gotten 3.75" Union Jack as comparison to the 7" one
Already sold out my extra loose Marvel Legends Red Hulk so only got old blur pics to make do with till i opened up mine

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