Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wedding Dinner again

Respecting the title or respecting the person?
I have never believed in respecting someone because of his title like "Teacher", "Boss" or whatever so. Why should we respect someone just because of his title when he has no substance? I feel respect has to be earned not just because the person carries the title. When I was in school then, my Physcics teach can tell the class " I like Physics but I don't like teaching you all Physics. Teaching you all Physics is a hard thing." Im like WTF.. Why teach then? Go be a researcher or something. Best was in secondary school, an ex-HOD passed a statement "I'm a very practical person, I can call you Dad if have the money, don't believe you take out now I show you". What values to impart to a upgrowing teenager. Sighs.. Well hard to not respect your boss as he/she would be directly or indirectly be the one who is going to give you your pay check at the end of the day. Along with the title also comes along with power inevitably you have to give the minimal respect whether one likes it or not, unless you do not want job. There are many which do not have titles but their actions and great doings have gained respect. Teachers which go beyond their usual duties to teach and help students, people who take time out out to fight for a good cause or to help the aged and weak. These people really deserve respect from the bottom of my heart.

Attended another wedding dinner on Mon again.. This time round was at St Regis, located beside Tanglin Mall. Well supposedly it is the most expensive place where one can hold their wedding dinner. Arrived quite late but usual traditions of late start of wedding dinners remained. Table was filled with people whom I knew except for 2. It has been ages since some of us have met. Different commitments like the very common reasons of work and family have turned friends which were once your close listening pal to one which seemed so distant due perhaps to different beliefs or perhaps to the wide barrier created over time which seemed hard to close. Well despite so, there are still friends which you know from the bottom of the heart you treasure the friendship. Some things are hard to express but little gestures i believe means alot from simple wishes to simple words of encouragement. Must really thank one of my friend for her yearly birthday sms-es, never has she forgotten or mixed up the date ha.. Well the dinner was pretty nice, took some photos of it. Food was served in plates in reasonable small portions and fanciful chocolate and sugar coatings designs.

The ballroom

Flowers on the table

The food, forgot to take the 1st 2 dishes though..

The empty slot is nuts which i finished lol..

Venison (deer meat) with Fried prawn

Cod fish with roasted chicken

Fried rice with vege, mushroom and sea cucumber

Fav: dessert! Mango saga and chocolate cake

Bought some cute toys recently. Ha for you my friend who I know loves cute stuff.. Poison you.. Mini Vinyl Collectible Doll (VCD) Darth Vader. Looks really nice and cute ha. Sad to say I wanted to get Darth Maul end up gotten wrong thing and ended with Vader argh..

The Chogokin To-Fu family. Saw this very long ago and didnt purchase it due to some issues end up saw it again and bought it. Its really cute as you can open the head and put the mini ones in. Well the intention of buying it was for a feeling more than wanting to really own it but well..

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