Saturday, June 20, 2009


A late outing at night hours ago on the topic of romantic movies made type this post 4am rather than sleeping. I must say I love romance shows like many women do. My Sassy Girl, Kate and Leopold, Love Actually, Jerry Maguire, Top Gun and many more. I think many people have different definitions of romance, a typical candle light dinner or the moment of the beautiful sunset.. Well I think one only live once and in this one lifetime we chase and pursue after the sweetest romance. To me its everything that plays a part, from one's movements, gestures and speeches to the place, enviroment and ambience and most importantly the person and the feeling from deep within your heart. A candle light dinner with your best guy buddy isnt romantic I would say and on the other hand, a simple fare with your loved one can also be the most romantic meal one can have.

Everyone or should I say many long for a love so romantic, that it can be a story that can be passed on like Romeo and Juliet. I had thought romance was short lived, it cannot be too long as it feels so sweet within the limited time, making it more memorable and treasuring it more at that very moment. Stars, flowers and passion was something I think romance cant lack of. To me flowers, especially roses are beautiful as at that moment it lives and blooms most beautifully before it withers, something artificial flowers cant give no matter how beautiful it is. Over time my definition of it has changed although almost a bulk of it has remained. Can money bring about romance? I believe with it you can create a romantic and beautiful scene easily but even without you can create a less extravagant one. The ambience and feeling must connect with the right person ultimately.

A lover gives the most romantic and sweetest moments but a life partner gives the greatest security and faith. Can that come together? I do not know but chances are low I suppose, a good lover do not necessary make a good life partner. The romantic moments perhaps are to be reminisced. Perhaps we love romance movies as we hardly get them in real life and if gotten, its short lived and never a happy ending. A smooth sailing and stable relationship is far from a romantic relationship but a short lived one, with lots of outbursts of emotions and feelings comprising of tears of both happiness and sadness brings about one I guess.. As stability and routine may not only be the death of love but also the death of romance. For I thought the most romantic moment for one is when the guy asks for the hand of the gal, with a simple "Will you marry me?" like what we see in stories and movies. Different ways, settings and languages but the same objective.

自古多情空余恨,此恨绵绵无绝期. As perhaps those full of emotions and commit and give in alot into relationsips alway leave behind lots of regrets.. and these regrets continue and last for a long time.. disturbing the person eternally perhaps.. As the touches of your fingers and the dampness of your kisses slip through like the wind, he opens his palm and let the memories trickle through and hope that someday somewhere something will fill the empty and hollow hole..
I ask what is the path we seek over the 5.5 years, is the romance not suffice or is it the security cannot be felt, only to leave behind a trail of questions which may never be answered..

Adding on to my misc purchases are DCUC's Gentleman Ghost. Gotten the figure alone, loose without its BAF Giaganta part. Its unique design without a head and white suit really attracts me. I love the classic tuxedo design with the cloak and hat along with the cane and gun not forgetting the transparent bottom half of the figure.

Another is the Marvel Fury Files 3.75" latest wave, Red Hulk. Check out the sheer size of it wanting to burst out of the packaging, filling almost the whole of the packaging. The kind which you call value for money lol. This is a rare piece with almost everyone looking for it and I gotten one of it.

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