Saturday, June 27, 2009

Demise of Michael Jackson

Woke up hearing a shocking news of the death of one of my favourite singers, King of PoP, Michael Jackson. He died at the age of 50 from cardiac arrest at his home. I really love his dance and songs. His moonwalk and gravity defying lean and crotching grabbing moves. His best record selling album Thriller, even till today, along with Billie Jean and Beat It are my MJ's favourite songs. His life has revolved around his surgeries, his childhood, his law suits with the kids other than his dance and music. Another thing is his Neverland Ranch from Peter Pan's island which MJ says he is like Peter Pan who never grows up. Among all of his costumes my favourite is his military inspired costume, History. The gold and black looks really classy and stylish and i clearly remember it for his History World Tour with the costume. On a sidenote his more than 45 degrees lean in Smooth Criminal is with the use of a device with the shoe which he patented.

History costume

Well some of MJ's toys which I guess has appreciated now, regret not getting the cosbaby set. Really liked some of it. Didnt get the Hot Toys Michael Jackson as I think it dont really look like him. Well will wait for a better looking version which Im sure will come out soon.

MJ Cosbaby

Hot Toys Michael Jackson

Well a sad loss of a talented musician/artist. This post is to mourn for King of Pop, Michael Jackson. RIP

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