Sunday, June 14, 2009


Today's post is about Fate. Fate is like Destiny which there are people who believe that Fate is predestined and an equal half which believes that you work for your own Destiny. Disregard on which is right or wrong, or the choice that one makes to believe in. If perhaps one day a 'higher being' comes and tell you that your Fate is to be poor man for your life, would you accept as it is without fighting for a better life? If somone tells you that you are not fated to be with the one you love, would you fight to be your loved one or would you leave it as it is? Regardless of what your path leads to I think a struggle and fight is needed, as even an ant put up resistance when you try to trample on it. Rather die fighting than die without trying. Things may be meant to be but it still requires some minimal effort to conclude it. If a $50 note falls from the sky, you still need the effort of bending down to pick up the money. Thus i say fight at least if you are unhappy and preserve or improve current state if you find it comfortable.

Did something for the first time in my life the other day, went down to Waterloo Street with my parents and accompanied them to the Guan Yin Temple for some prayers. I am not really a religion guy but I just accompanied my parents. My mum then asked to go pray and ask for a divination on an issue which has been troubling me. Decided that since was there and nothing much to do, half heartedly decided to give it a try as the temple was pretty famous for its divination. You actually shake this holder of bamboo sticks while praying the question or query in your mind till 1 of the sticks falls out and then you throw these 2 slabs of concaved wood to see if its the one you are supposed to receive. How to judge? By having 1 rounded side face up and a flat side face up. 2 half hearted attempts gave me 2 failed attempts by having either 2 rounded sides or 2 flats sides of the wooden slab. On the 3rd try I thinking since I was doing it might as well give it more sincerity and thought and wala it gotten me the right stick with a rounded and flat side each. Well these sticks individually has different markings and writing on it, I do not know how many sticks there are but after returning the stuff, the attendant will give you a slip like in the pic based on the stick, which is the answer to your prayer. You can then refer to a book which sorta helps you decipher it. To my suprise it was a good lot and it was answering to what i asked. Whether it was just sheer coincidence I do not know and whether if things will turn out like what it say I do not know as well but it has provided me some strength I supposed to seek the answer.
The slip I gotten
Bought some Star Wars toys, though we always complain and bitch about repaints I have to admit we are suckers for them. Well got a different Boba Fett under RAH series. quite nice can attached all the parts onto his body.
The 2 3.75" figures, Blue Arc Trooper and Clone Pilot

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