Monday, June 8, 2009

Wedding Dinner of ZH and LF

Deliver visible physical changes or non-physical changes unseen by the naked eye?

Recently a talk with my friends left me astounded, perhaps not as much but it dawned upon me over a statement he said "I think if I touch my heart and and say I'll say I think there isnt much a change in you." Perhaps it is true, perhaps its not. What kind of changes are we looking at? A physical or a change in mindset or thinking? Both ways perhaps but if friends hang around me cant see any changes even to the extend that they think it might have worsened, I may not have anything to present and argue for. I have always thought things are done not to be eye candy to people and changes need not come in visible physical changes but more of non-physical ones like mental and thoughts. Perhaps the changes are not strong enough or significant enough to some or to those whom matter to me most. We are humans afterall and perhaps we believe in things that we can see, despite the facade behind the truth.. Alas the faith is getting weak within me, I have doubts on making the move, as I feel pairs of hands gripping me like a vice deeper into the murky marshes.

Well this post is for you my friend, congratulations to you and LF, although ROM for about a year the Chinese wedding dinner finally draw a closure to everything. Maybe at this point in time, to your parents you are finally husband and wife despite the fact in the eyes of the law, LF is entitled to half of wad you possess now (including your toys) lol. Anyway great place with great view at Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant from UOB Plaza's 60th floor ha. Hope to see you with a baby/babies soon to take over your Macross and 3A stuff if not we are always here =p Glad that you marry the person you love and also loving the person u marry. LF looked really different, for the better of course, well perhaps you should spend more time in dolling yourself to add points to yourself and ZH.

Not much pics but well..
Our table's bowl of flowers

The menu cover

The sumptuous 9 dish menu

and our little souvenir

The wedding dinner brought about a lingering feeling within as I opened one of my favourite figures, Ignis the Black. This beauty is done by Orchird Seed with 3 different variants, White the normal version, Black the magazine mailaway exclusive and Red the Wonderfest Exclusive. The wedding gown really is a beauty, beautiful and elegant and it looks really detailed. Only gotten the Black version for a very good price, missed out the White but more keen on the Red but the Red is really expensive and rare due to it being Wonderfest Exclusive but never know, might get it if it comes along at the right price. Took some pics in conjunction for my wedding dinner post. Enjoy..

I do not possess 2 out of the 3 available versions sadly, firstly is the normal version of Ignis the White

secondly Ignis the Red, which is a Wonderfest Exclusive

my Ignis the Black which I own

Respecting the title or respecting the person?

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