Thursday, July 2, 2009

Relationship with people

Quote of the day
"The more I get to know about people, the more I love my dog"

My friend told me something over a round of beer the other day. My friend told me something, " The love between your partner or spouse will never be as close the love between the mother and her child as the love is bonded by blood." A simple and enlightening statement. I have always gave the most to the one I love the most then followed by friends and lastly family. Sad to say the returns have been improportional to the efforts I have put in. Failed relationship, many friendship which turn out bad and fruitless and end of the day parents give in unconditionally to me encouraging me to move on. Well recently one of my Aunt passed away, it really shows how fragile life is making us realising we should cherish those around us more. All these has made me changed my values and perception towards the complex relationship between humans. For the better? I do not know what is better or how much has it changed but I know for sure it has definitely changed my thinking about many things. Well just like the quote lol..

A pretty busy Friday, after a long night of mahjong, after waking up I went to settle some stuff only to meet with some obstacles. Started off with a failed visit to Redhill and then went to SIM to pay my school fees. As like everywhere else you are scanned like a specimen for the now widely spread virus H1N1, which after the first scan I was given a sticker and I dropped it and went to another place to make an enquiry something and having drop the sticker I was too go through temperature taking again. Well after which I made my enquiry on retaking my failed subject OB to check if I can change to a resit instead. With a highly inefficiently manual pullout ticket-queue system, which failed to work at first and along with no one seated in the counters to ask for assistance, showing again our highly 'effecient' services, I was in for a long wait. Then I was told if I wanted to appeal it should be done before end of the June, which was already over so they pretty much cant do anything about it except for me to suck my own thumb and retake it. After a long queue I paid my fees and went for my favourite Yong Tau Fu and made my way out of school and upon boarding the bus, I wanted to take out my comic to read only to realise it was missing and hurried off the bus which is thankfully just at the 1st stop after where i boarded. Hurried back and collected the book and rushed down to City Hall to meet a buyer but just as I was about to reach, I got a call saying "Hey not meeting today le, as I left my MP3 player at home", as we were supposed to test his ear phones he planned to get so end up I decided to make my way over to Marina GV to get tickets for Saturday's Transformers 2. Luckily nothing much crappy happened after I gotten the tickets. Ended with a late night talk cock session at HK Cafe after dinner.

Share an incident on my visit to Kinokuniya at Takashimaya one day. My friends and I were happily browsing for books until a guy with purple streaks on his hair caught our attention. What gained attention wasnt his hair after he was closer to us. It was his dressing. A top showing his really fair n white tummy along with a low cut pants showing his butt crack. For the moment I think my brain failed to funtion for a couple of seconds totally unable to comprehend and disgest what I just saw. Should you see such a sight, be sure not to pick up any books from the floor, as the action would perhaps result in a thrown apart ass. lol.. Till now I still cant understand the clothes the person wore.

Well some hoots starting with a rare Marvel Select Dr Doom, check out the metallic tentacles man..

This cute mini Chopper tikam which I gotten on my first try ha.. Really love the eyes.. Its the expression Chopper and Luffy make when they see fascinating things ha.. This mini toy really made my day man lol.

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