Friday, July 24, 2009


Some times I cant help but to wonder do we try to adapt to the environment or do we try to change the environment so we can suit the environment and the circumstances? In life we are often in different situations and perhaps it is at times of hardship can we shape ourselves to a high level of tolerance and endurance to withstand the hardship. It is through such hard times, we slowly mould ourselves into stronger and more resilient and resistant to all the unfavourables that come to us. Not only physically but also mentally. Well the million dollar question is are we capable of such endurance? And are we strong willed to go against all odds?

Shaping the environment to something more comfortable would be another choice but an individual cant change the environment, perhaps possible but its really hard. Lets admit it, its easier to change a person than the whole surrounding. Some argue that even if its hard its got to start off somewhere somehow and someone got to make that little difference and perhaps one day more people will realise it and start to contribute in the act of making a difference to the overall picture. Some things are just hard in reality if not our government wont be spending years trying to encourage "Speak Manadarin" campaign to our young generation as well as having Singa the Lion to encourage courtesy to Singaporeans. So either you are in it or out of it sad to say.

Well an interesting or appalling incident occurred recently when I went swimming. As I swimming at Tampines Safra pool the other day, enjoying the sun and girls in their bikinis, something totally overwhelmed and crushed everything. A guy was wearing this G-string like swimming trunks or rather cloth I would say. It was juz covering his crotch and his butt crack or rather just half his ass man. I was like OMFG! My brain just cant comprehend that, immediately I changed lane as even the hottest girl in the skimpiest bikini cant make up for it.

Well some of my hoots recently, Chopper eating cotton candy! CSC sold for freaking cheap only console was that mine is Jap version? (self deceive -_-)

but it looks really cute!
How to resist the gigantic piece of Star Wars box set Jabba's Rancor with Luke for only $10? Even Luke itself is $10 man. No surprise it was wiped out quickly at that price as Metro was still selling at $129.90 man. Luckily managed to get 2 pieces with help from my friend thx man. Check out the sheer size of it beside a 3.75" Luke man,

3rd DCUC figure, black Superman! Nice piece but more like an impulse buy lol.

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