Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Takashimaya Craziest Toy Sale 2009

Its the annual Takashimaya Craziest Toy Sale again. Last year was a huge disappointment and even I left empty handed. So you can guess how bad the sale was ha. Well this year was better and the sale started a day earlier instead of Thursday. I got there abit late as it was raining heavily and I had a tiring day before so decided to continue sleeping and wake up later. Got there at about 1 and most of my friends already left. Gotten an update of the stuff that was there by them. Well the better stuff of some were gone like Evangelion's Rei and Asuka by Takara in plug suit for $5 a pair, SOC Lightan series for $40 each, SOC Gaiking for $45, Mattel Tumbler for $40 which I got for $80 last time zZZ. Then Transformers movie 1 Screen Battle packs were going for $15 each with First Encounter and Capture of Bumblebee gone. Well the usual scalpers were there to pick up lots of the better items but this year there isnt any Gundams, anime figures, McFarlane and Star Wars, other than a set of tin series SW figures my friend managed to dig out. There were DCUC figures, SIC figures, Power Rangers, Batman Movie Masters figures, Transformers Movie and Animated, Maistro vehicles, Hibiki figures, Zoids, Hulk fists, Indiana Jones figures at $1 each!.When I reached there my friend was already with a full basket of lots of items from Kungfu Panda figures to Disney figures to Evangelion. Well he added more to his stuff with lots of Power Rangers figures. I gotten some stuff too but it was nothing compared to his 2 big bags full.

My Hauls starting with Transformer Screen Battle -- Final Stand pack @ $15
comprising of Long Arm and half a Bumblebee, ah well damaged Bumblebee
Transformer Screen Battle -- Desert Attack pack @ $15 too
wanted to get Scorpionok for quite awhile but missed it last time well managed to get it now
Legacy of Cain -- Soul Reaver, Raizel
A game which I used to play, remember it for its life sucking move..
4D Master's Red King Pirate Ship
Im a lover for ships and this looks great, just that my Mum will probably complain if I assemble and put it in the living room with the other ships I have. Was contemplating to get another version, a glow in the dark battle damaged version but.. Well perhaps next trip..
check out what you get after you assemble it man..nice right?
Some random detailed D&D lookalike figures which I wanted to get just the Werewolf but had to get 3 as its 3 for $7 so well..but the detailing is really good for such a small toy
Dragon Rider
Dark Lord, the last piece as my friend needed 1 more to form 3 pieces
All 4 of them
Well that's about all unless new things come up and Im there ha.. Not too bad this year, though 2 years back was the best. The crowd and queue was crazy for the days to come so those who wana get anything better find a weekday.

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