Thursday, July 23, 2009

Movie Outing -- Ice Age 3

Went down to CSC Sunday, a visit since SAM, well it was pretty much the usual people around and there wasnt much big release recently of any toys. Met my friends there and walked over to Xeno Hobbyworkz stall and had a chat with Vincent starting an interesting topic on ZH, no not you married man is the other ZH. Vincent's 1st statement about him was "Ah recently he dating izit, saw him just now and is well dressed unlike normally." I replied "Even you know?" "Of course, dress till so smart now ha" Well I had not met ZH at CSC yet thus didnt see what he wore but well other than his clothing perhaps it the aura that he emits lol.. The power of love man ha.. But truly our man looks different today upon seeing him, donning a white shirt over a T-shirt inside and a pair of berms along with a white pair of loafers. Hair was nicely done up along with contacts, gone was the slippers, glasses, cap and sling bag. Well as usual his hands was full of items this time round Spawn figures.

Walked around and my friend managed to get a Scrump doll for a really good price, seems like its pretty popular to go catch those dolls and put up for sale. Took a walk around and some small talks here and there and headed to People's Park for a bus to PS. Learnt that there was a shuttle service there. Great found out something new, really convenient after CSC ha. Went to play the basketball game again and made it pass the 150 points but not the 250 boo.. Well next time. Ha.. Think must get the machine at home man lol. Another visit to Toys Outpost and gotten a set of Stitch figures, never fail to leave empty handed with the variety of stuff there man ha. Had a pretty late and heavy breakfast so decided to smuggle 2 burgers in for the show rather than a proper meal haha. Was early this time round ha.

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Well before the show, I was wondering how come dinosaurs appeared after Ice Age which they were apparently extinct before the Ice Age but turns out that they belonged to a different realm underground. The show is really funny, the story is basically about how the group of friends or creatures nearly went separate ways but got back together after Sid gotten some T-rex eggs and tries to be a parent but ends up getting taken by the T-Rex mom, Momma. The characters are mostly the same as before of Sid, Diego, Ellie and Manny. So the group gathers trying to rescue him meeting a 1 eyed weasel, Buck who leads up to find Sid. Something funny is a female companion squirrel called Scratte, has been added for Scrat, who is still chasing for his acorn. The 2 squirrels then fall in love and there was a part where the acorn was left alone and a music scene of how the acorn heartbroken. Really think the story and everything was really well written. Had a good laugh and some of the scenes was pretty sweet.

Well headed for Rochor beancurd after the show but decided to go and try play Left 4 Dead at X Games. Ha the game was pretty fun, its a First Person Shooter (FPS) game and you can choose to play versus mode or campaign mode. Versus mode will be human against zombies. Campaign mode is roughly the same just that the zombies are Artificial Intelligence. Basically you shoot hordes of zombies and some special ones which have added abilities. Probably will write an entry on it ha. Well was quite fun shooting zombies and helping your team mates again ha. Fun right? Can go play again! Well went on for beancurd and there was not too many people at the stall, though had to wait a queue for awhile to get the food and seats, shows how much money this simple business can bring in ha. Alas beancurd with soya bean and fried 'you tiao' yum.. Good day minus that there was no fireworks this time round ha. Perhaps shall catch on National Day man. Gotten some gifts too ha. An interesting item to a clay digging kind of item for a Dinosaur nest. Ha need to take time to do it soon. Along with a cute mini Popo doll. Ha thanks alot for the items man ha. Hope you liked what you gotten too lol..

The dino digging set

The Popo, he actually keeps his arms behind his back if you notice ha

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