Monday, July 6, 2009

How to be Rich

I always tell my friends, there are 3 ways to get rich:

  1. Born rich
  2. Strike rich
  3. Marry rich

Born rich -- simply born with a silver spoon, something you cant control or change

Strike rich -- winning the lottery, something you can achieve from the Chinese New Year 10 million Toto yearly

Marry rich -- need I say more?

But that brought about a quote from my friend,

"If your father is not rich its not your fault, but if your father-in-law is not rich, its your fault!"

so you need what you need to do lol.

Another activities filled day starting in the noon with a 1 hour wait for someone to arrive resulting in me being late, despite planning the meetup half an hour in advance, crappy. Well after meeting my friend we saw this dragonball keychain tikam machine and decided to try our luck on the Shen Long piece. 1st 3 tries ended up with 3 different pieces which was pretty good but no Shen Long piece. Decided to go try it again after a short walk as I thought luck was pretty good on our side but end up getting 4 extras zzZ.

the tikams

Caught Transformers 2 at GV Marina. 2 advice, firstly if u watching at GV dun go in too early as we were more than 15mins late and the show did not even start when we went in, unless you wish to catch the trailers along with the huge amount of advertisements. Secondly do not drink too much water as TF2 is almost 2.5 hours and you will have to piss in your pants if you take too much liquid and still wana catch the whole show. Overall the movie was pretty good with lots of explosions and fights especially the part which Optimus Prime took on 3 of the Decepticons. Well another reason for guys would be Megan Fox who looked really hot in the show along with Isabel Lucas, the hot Species wannabe with a long robotic tongue.

Isabel Lucas

Some bad points, some scenes was very fast, one yawn with you closing your eyes and you could have part of the action. Non-Transformers friends would have difficulty recognising the robots as think it wasn't really clear on who was what. 1 thing I didn't get it, if the weapon that destroyed Constructicons is so powerful? Why not just use it to destroy everything?

After that went looking around at toys and picked up Star Wars Saesee Tiin Jedi Fighter. Cool orange coloured fighter. Its design is longer and slimmer than other Jedi fighers like Anakin and Obi Wan's fighters. 1 bad thing, the droid is fixed firmly to the fighter, cant even turn its head. Other than that the usual missiles firing features along with detachable wings and a stand below to let the fighter stand up. Oh and the cock pit for the pilot, in this case Saesee Tiin, to seat in.

Saesee Tiin's orange Star Fighter

Had dinner at Funan Centre's food court after being drawn by Nasi Briyani some people were having. Well wasn’t the chicken was not too bad but the mutton was too fatty and not soft I felt and the rice was kind of sticky. Must go for North Point's Nasi Briyani some time again. Missed the fireworks as we were walking off but a pretty good day till then although the day was drawing to an end but the night was still young.

Round 2 of the activities started meeting up with my buddies after 1 of em rang me saying he was near my place. Decided to meet in town instead so all 3 of us could meet which seemed like a bad choice in the end. After accompanying my friend to get a T shirt and dinner at Marina Square, we went to pick the last of the 3 musketeers up at Clarke Quay. Decided to go for beancurd at Rochor but as we passed by the crowd was mad. As if they were giving away free beancurd, there were lots of people outside were waiting for their takeaways or orders or waiting for seats. Decided to head somewhere else but was limited but the restrictions of activities that we can do in Singapore at night. After wasting much petrol decided to head to near my place for some food and drinks. Halfway there, my friend said he was pretty tired and suggested dropping me then my friend off and heading back instead. Honestly quite paiseh about it but since already there might as well get a drink as its really been a while since we met. Was joined by another friend of mine for some food and beer and talk cock session. As we grow older we have different commitments be it work, family, gf or bf and life is no longer as carefree and full of different problems and obstacles. Its hard at times find time to do little and simple things in life. From a group of 4 buddies to be left with 3 is just as sad as any relationship. Well hopefully able to meet up soon again under better circumstances and time and place ha. Just to clarify ha it wasn't a trick to get you there Kenny ha.. It was too impromptu. Next time we go for a good dinner and drinking session ba. Good luck in your job man.

Well Ice Age 3 is screening now. Loved Part 1 and 2 was not too bad, will catch 3 soon hopefully. For now McDonalds is giving away Ice Age 3 toys and I just had to get Scrat when I saw it. Who can forget the squirrel and its nut lol.. Will considering getting all but having to eat so many Happy Meals is abit scary. Will see how it goes.

the leaf will show a squirrel face when you rub it
you can shoot the nut out by pressing the button on its bottom left in the 1st pic

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