Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Toys Carnival @ SAM

Went to the Toys Carnival at Singapore Arts Museum (SAM) on 5th July. Arrived there at about 1100h and it was already pretty crowded. Bumped into a friend once gotten onto the train who was heading towards the same place as me too so had company on the train ride.No entrance fees for the day due to the event and I met my friend who was already there since 1000h. Was supposed to meet quite a few groups of people but was unable to clone myself so hard to meet different groups at different time and for a period of time. The whole place was like China Square Central (CSC) on Sundays with lots of stalls and all selling all sorts of toys, figures and collectibles, except that the prices was much better as quite alot of stuff was going for lelong prices or rather better discounts. And well there were much more stalls over there, with host The Falcon's Hangar (TFH) along with the usual Simply Toys, Rapid Culture, Mikelz, Ng's Collection, Action City, Vincent Collection, Toyz Crazi, Xeno Hobbyworks and more. Well what was more interesting was the cosplayers mainly Star Wars characters and troopers by 501st Garrison and some Masked Riders cosplayers. There was only mini displays of toys, there wasnt much display of toys but there were some fun stuff like the Nerf booth. Well forgot to bring my camera out and had to borrow my friend's camera which till date he hasnt passed me the photos. Saw alot of familiar faces and friends.

Well hoots time starting off with the free comic by GnB Comics which everyone was given from visiting the event.
Dunno what comic izit but well at least the female looks hot..

This was actually my first purchase as I thought I wont be getting any stuff at the event (which I was so wrong) and not wanting to go back empty handed decided to get this DCUC Ares which looked really cool and I had wanted to get it previously. 2nd piece of DCUC which I didnt really wana start lol..

Purchases at Simply Toys booth, One Piece X Dragonball X Naruto crossover set which I finally completed with all the 3 secrets! They only had 2 sets of Naruto with secret piece of Nine tails and Dragonball set with the secret piece 神龙, missing out the One Piece secret piece of Thousand Sunny after opening I think like 5 boxes of it so took 2 sets of Dragonball, 1 for someone who could not come and 1 set of Naruto with an extra Luffy

Only assembled the One Piece set

Also grabbed these mini helmets for a steal price having to pick the nicest 3!

Boba, Scout and AT AT Driver

Well saw this! Character Series Vol. 1 Canal by Shunya Yamashita! Was searching high and low back then and could not get. Now its available at a price lower than preorder back then! How to resist!

The artwork by Shunya of Canal

The actual item

My unopened figure
Since taking pics, took down my Vol 2 of the Character Series, Nasca
Nasca and Canal
Well picked up One Piece POP series Franky which is one of my favourite characters in the anime! It going for almost half of the preorder price! Managed to cancel my preorder and get this piece at high the price!Well had many great hauls over at the Toys Carnival, phone kept ringing with people asking where was I and all. Apologies to my friends for not able to spend more time as there was really too many people asking for a piece of me on different things. Will upload pics of the event once I get em. Well hanged around with my friend for some time chit chatting over coffee before meeting another group of friends at CSC. I must say CSC had less people with the carnival luring a big bulk of the people away. Collected some stuff over there again.

Black Alternity GTR Optimus Prime or Nemesis Prime.
I must say this is the nicest looking one among the 3 colours, or perhaps I really love the black colour..

All 3 colours Red, Silver and Black
Collected also my Marvel Bishoujo by Shunya, the Black Widow. Really love the face sculpt which is really well done. The drawback is that I find it really small. Was shocked at the size when I got it as the price isnt really that cheap. Its a 1/8 scaled figure but PVCs sizes are quite different under different series and companies.

Well great hauls day ended with coffee and cheesecake at Killiney's after a heavy downpour as we wait for my friend's dad to come pick us up due to the amount of hoots and the rain. The cheesecake was not really that fantastic. Well made up by the great hauls that I have ha..

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