Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hospital Visit

Accompanied my grandma to the Tan Tock Seng Hospital for a check up the other day. I didnt particularly like going to the hospital as most of the time a visit there would most probably be either something bad happened to yourself or someone close to you. Well it was just a regular check up for a scan and blood test for my grandma. Due to H1N1, scans was needed the moment you entered the hospital. After being cleared we headed to the room for the blood test and it was only then I realised how much does it cost a simple procedure like this, it costs about $ 270 for it and I was like kinda shocked at the amount. Next headed another room for a scan, after the blood test which cost another $100.

A little incident happened over the hospital visit, I realised the next appointment my grandma had was next Tue and another on next Thurs which was a followup on the blood test taken. Thinking that its pretty stupid to come for 2 visits over a span of 3 days, I went to try to arrange both appointments on the same day. Room 1 was where the Tue appointment was and Room 2 was for the Thurs appointment, so I headed to Room 1 to ask if Tue could be arranged to Thurs instead and was served by a Malay lady who told me she would try but in the end told me there was no slots available on next Thurs. So I headed to Room 2 to check if the Thurs appointment could be rescheduled to Tue and she told me it was not possible and I suggested trying the next following Thurs instead if there were slots and I would go check with Room 1 if the same day was available so both appointments can be arranged into 1 day as during this modern era 2 different Rooms or maybe sections are still unable to check other room's schedules to make necessary arrangements, manual labour of physically being there to make arrangements is still needed. So went back to Room 1 and this time round I purposely waited for another staff to serve me rather than the Malay lady, this time round a Chinese lady. I tried to ask again her if a change was possible for Tue to Thurs and surprisingly she in a pretty short moment checked and told me it was possible and did the change for me. Was it the incapability of the Malay staff earlier or is it the Chinese lady was more capable?

To think about it, hospital bills and fees are really sky high and you'll probably die from the bills and fees rather than the sickness itself. People say "You are better off dead than falling sick in Singapore. Think must really save up if not if I fall sick 1 day probably I'll die with my toys man..
Accompanied my grandma back then headed off to town. When I was at the MRT station, saw one of my classmates from my JC, it was like since 6 years ago since I last saw her. Went chatted for a while before I headed to Orchard's Zara to get a jacket which was in my mind since I last saw it. Something interesting i saw when I reached Orchard MRT, there was this PRC who was pushing a trolley into the train! A trolley man, with a big nylon bag on top of it and trying to get on the train. Wondered why didnt the MRT staff stop him. When I got to Zara, the jacket was no longer at the usual rack and I though its gone but end up in on another rack so just grabbed it. A good deal I guess, nice jacket at more than 70% off.

The brown leather jacket
Headed to meet a good friend, Mr Josh, for dinner whom I had not met for a long time since he was stationed in Bangalore for 3 months lol. Met at Raffles MRT and headed to our usual Drive 6 and we met another friend, LSF! at Pasir Ris MRT lol, ended up being a 3 man dinner appointment. Well chit chat over a late dinner and LSF left and was joined by Joshua's gf Winnie. Well was also quite some time ago since I last saw her. Talked for awhile more before heading back home. And gotten a gift from them when they went Hong Kong, a FF Advent Children Cloud poster! Thanks man..

The poster
Well some of my recent purchases, limited Figma Gantz #26 -- sexy Reika!

Didnt open it up but this is how it is like
A San Guo BB Gundam horse

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