Sunday, July 12, 2009

Movie Outing -- I Love You, Man

Had another great Saturday outing the other day, though it started off with an hour wait at Sunshine Plaza -_- Well KKnM was closed for the weekend as they were off for the Dai Con event in Msia. So visited Xeno Hobbyworkz, finding the other version of Buu with from the Dragonball mini diorama series, along with a rejected bootleg Arale due to failed QC ha.. Seriously till date I still think the shop diagonally from Xeno Hobbyworkz, which displays lots of female figurines is a money laundering shop man. It never opens or rather hardly. Till date, I've only seen it opened once upon my many visits to Sunshine Plaza, and I visit there pretty often. Went to OG to take a look at the new line of the upcoming GI Joe movie figures. 3.75" figures with lotsa accessories and quite good looking but some of the weapons colour is too dull but the vehicles look really great but hefty price. Didnt pick up any as I foresee this line ending up like Indiana Jones figures at $3 each. 2 reasons 1. GI Joe do not have that many supporters especially with today's generation 2. Not many are willing to fork out that amount $18.90 for a 3.75" figure or perhaps only a few like Snake Eyes and Cobra Commander especially after what happened to Indy

Went to G & B Comics and its display really increased quite alot and the display of the statues really looked fantastic mainly Sideshow and Bowen stuff. However its current new location at Rochor Centre is really a bad choice, probably attracting only their regulars as its location is not clearly visible and accessible as well. Oh saw the new Marvel Select Wolverine with the variant 1st appearance which looked quite ugly lol but the normal version looked fine. Guess its only matter of time before it ends up at my home.

Normal Wolverine

Variant of the 1st apperance Wolverine
Then headed to stroll Iluma where there was an event, Singapore Games Creation Competition (SGCC) where it was a competition of digital media development and games creation for the secondary schools. There were a few cosplayers around admist the huge number of secondary kids. Also dropped by the Play Imaginative store selling the designer toys Tofu, Tofu Molly series etc. Pretty good display in the store with many items imprinted with Tofu pics for sale but 1 item caught our attention which was a blind box trading figure, shorter than my finger but was going for like $60-70 which was like wth. Noticed a pretty nice black jacket in a Level 1 but it looked like a biker's jacket plus the price was too hefty so didnt get it but the shop has pretty nice shirts. Gotten a deck of Boys Over Flowers poker cards from Comics Connection and headed to the arcade on the top floor. Top floor is an arcade with lots of updated games and comfortable seats and filled with the doll/plushie catching machines. With the increasing popularity of the doll/plushie catching machines, its not surprised that they have many of such machines but there were 2 machines offered weird prizes. One offered Tamiya cars as prize and the other Magnum and Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Seriously do not understand why would anyone want to attempt to get those as those were not really that expensive and could be easily gotten from retail stores. Passed by Falcon's Hangar but didnt go in and headed to take a bus to Cine for show as it was getting late. Started drizzling but lucky we reached Cine and we were late again lol but Cathay's advertisements seemed longer thus the show had not started yet.

Watched I Love You, Man. I thought the show was on sneak but its out for a while. It a funny show about this guy Peter Klaven, acted by Paul Rudd, was getting married but he had no friends and needed one as his best man after hearing his wife-to-be friends saying they were worried as Peter had no friends. So he went on a mission to get a best man through dates set up by his brother, mum and over the internet which resulted in him meeting gay, weird soccer fan with a high pitched voice and an old man pretending to be a young man over the net. Finally he met Sydney Fife, acted by Jason Segel, at a showroom he held and they soon become buddies which along the way shared many funny experiences and common interests together and finally became Peter's best man. Think in life its not easy to find someone who really share common interest and do the same kind of rubbish activities together, be it your life time partner or your closest buddy, if you find one must cherish the bonding and remember that everyone is flawed and have to give in to one another's imperfections. 酒逢知己千杯少

After the show, dropped by at Rapid Culture and saw them selling this set of markers for the San Guo BB Gundams. Its those silver and gold markers along with metallic based colours like red, blue etc and was quite reasonably priced at $20+ a set. It is pretty good for the kits as it is an easy solution for those who do not paint their kits but want a good alternative. Intended to go Orchard Central but the weather was not looking so good so went to Meridien for dinner. There was this Thai beef noodle stall which served a different kind of beef noodle than your usual ones you see around locally. Its dry version was with dark soy sauce and with fried garlic but was not bad. Beef was not too hard too. Didnt have my camera to take a pic of it but eating beef noodle reminded me of Hock Lam Beef Noodle. Ah must go eat next week ok? ha.. Picked up Yami Yogurt a peach flavour and grape flavour but it was beginning to get mixed with rain water as it had begin to rain. Luckily i had an umbrella to stop shelter us and the yogurt. When we reached Plaza Singapura, there were fireworks again like last Sat. The fireworks looked pretty good think must go catch it on National Day.

Went to Zone X to play the basketball game and for both games sadly didnt even make it pass the 2nd round zZZ.. Next time! Headed back to PS and a mini incident happened. A weird old lady was cycling and suddenly cut into my path then I wonder if she thought I went into her path without giving way to her or something. She suddenly asked if I had kids in Hokkien and suddenly started yelling some vulgarities which I ignored at first. She then went off but stopped to yell vulgarities again and that kinda irked me and signaled her to come over but she went off. Kinda ruined the day but well.. Headed to Toys Post and spotted this pair of Chipmunks mini tumbler or roly poly and a vinyl X'mas Stitch for a very good price. Well 1 weird thing is the shop accept credit cards but not Nets zZZ.

Called it a day and took the train back but met my friend on the train who went to East Coast for picnic with his girlfriend but it rained. Bad day ha. Well went to Mac to have a small bite and chit chat and also gotten another Ice Age figure ha..

Momma Dinno, dinosaur from the Ice Age
Its head can swap from a friendly smiley one to a fierce one revealing its teeth
Manny the mammoth, can swing its head left and right using a switch on its headDiego the sabertooth, supposedly with a spring up action that doesnt really workWhat I have so far..

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