Friday, July 17, 2009

Toys Carnival @ SAM Part 2

The pics taken at SAM, finally gotten from my friend..Although not many..

Well 1st pic of the 501st Garrison Troopers
Star Wars 3.75" of a collector on display there
Star Wars 3.75"diorama of inside a pub

Well this display was the first thing you see on the 2nd floor of SAM lol..
Someone's 12" collection at the entrance..
Biker Scout on his vehicle

customised battle damaged Mark 3
Mr Transporter..
Star Wars 12"
Obi, Qui Gon and Ventress

The Turbo Tank
Han Solo frozen in carbonite

Jedi Council members, Kate Fisto, Ploon Koon, Ayla Secura
501st Garrison 1:1 helemets. Any1 wana get 1? lol along with the guns
Other kind of helmets, Ironman and Oprmus Prime etc

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